We have our own “peace formula” – Zelensky reacted to China's “peace plan”


We have our own "peace formula", – Zelensky responded to the "peace plan" ; China

President Volodymyr Zelensky does not know the specifics of China's peace plan. He counts on the support of the Ukrainian “peace formula”.

He stated this during a joint press conference with Italian Prime Minister Georgia Maloney. She arrived in Kiev on February 21.

The President commented on China's “peace plan”

Zelensky noted the importance of supporting the “peace formula”, which he proposes precisely Ukraine.

It seems to me that our document, our “peace formula”, which has already been supported by a large number of states, and we expect that they will support it on the 23rd, when there will be a UN meeting and voting on the relevant resolution – it seems to me that it is important that there is one position, – the head of state emphasized.

According to the president, he has not officially seen any document proposed by Beijing.

” We are interested that all states – European, all over the world, of course, India, Africa, China – be involved in ending this war in order to support our, it seems to me, fair formula for peace,” Zelensky summed up.

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