We must act now – Russia has already taken a step – Zelensky on nuclear threat


We need to act now – Russia has already taken a step, – Zelensky on the nuclear threat

President Volodymyr Zelensky once again stressed that preventive sanctions against Russia are needed in the nuclear threat. According to him, we need to act now.

The head of state warned that these are risks for the entire planet – there may be “Armageddon”. Moreover, Russia has already taken a step – it seized the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant.

I will again return to preventive sanctions. We must act now, do not think about the risks that will come later,” Zelensky stressed.

Note that on October 6, Zelensky called on NATO to do everything possible to prevent the use of nuclear weapons by Russia. The President is convinced that NATO should provide for preventive strikes against such actions by the aggressor countries.

The threat at the ZNPP

Zelensky recalled the Chernobyl disaster. There was one block, and at the Zaporizhzhya NPP – 6 nuclear blocks. Everyone can be at risk. The President noted that there are 500 militants at the station who have weapons and explosives.

“A nuclear explosion could also happen there, on the territory of the station. The world can urgently stop the actions of Russian infidels,” the president warns.< /p>

He added that the world should impose sanctions and do everything to get them out of the station.

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