We must quickly decide everything on the battlefield, – Piontkovsky suggested that Xi Jinping was planning


We must quickly decide everything on the battlefield, - Piontkovsky suggested that Xi Jinping was planning

Chinese President Xi Jinping during his visit to Moscow gave a clear signal about his future plans. Washington, on the other hand, perfectly considered the mood of the Chinese leader and intends to contribute to the end of the war in Ukraine in 2023.

Andrey Piontkovsky, a Russian opposition politician and publicist, told Channel 24 about this. According to him, Xi Jinping really has grandiose plans within the international political arena.

Results of Xi Jinping's visit to Putin

Andrei Piontkovsky said that the main messages of the President of China are already known.

“He gave the Moscow prince a label for an additional 6 years of rule – from 2024 to 2030. This is generally uncompromising stupidity, which is very different from the traditional Chinese style of diplomacy,” he explained, reacting to Xi Jinping's words about popular support for Vladimir Putin in the elections.

The oppositionist stressed that Xi Jinping went nuts.

However, according to him, this does not prevent China from achieving success at the domestic and foreign policy levels.

He proclaimed himself Emperor of China and ended Deng Xiaoping's legacy. And recently, really, very serious success has been achieved in reconciliation, how long it will be – this is another question, Saudi Arabia and Iran, – he stressed.

Piontkovsky is sure that in fact the Chinese leader stopped a thousand-year-old serious war.

Andrey Pintkovsky told how China could be dangerous: watch the video

China crossed the border

However, such a frank appeal to Putin is too much even for the Russian elite.

He just entered the Kremlin, put his feet on the table and announced who would be the next leader in Muscovy, this is a very serious mistake even in the Russian context, but no less serious in the American one, he is convinced.

The oppositionist stressed that against the background of such “games” between China and Russia, the anti-Putin policy of the West has significantly intensified.

New evil empire

Andrei Piontkovsky does not rule out that the statement by Anthony Blinken, US Secretary of State, could be a reaction to Xi Jinping's statements in Russia. He opposed any freezing of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the impossibility of suspending hostilities in favor of China and Russia.

“Comrade Xi Jinping imagined himself not only as the emperor of China, he is building his own global evil empire, which he will, of course, lead,” he explained.

According to him, Iran, Russia, China and North Korea will be part of the so-called empire.

By the way, still with nuclear weapons and completely stupid leaders. This is a very serious challenge that the West will not ignore,” he stressed.

In his opinion, Washington is convinced that the behavior of the head of China in Russia is just another evidence of the strengthening of this evil empire.

Ukraine needs decisive action

Piontkovsky explained that China and its dangerous policies should not be given a chance.

“It must be destroyed at the beginning by military means – by victorious military operations of the counter-offensive of Ukraine,” he is convinced.

In his opinion, Israel, the island of freedom, will deal with the liquidation of Iran.

USA received a signal

The oppositionist noted that China has actually deprived the entire pro-Putin party in the United States of arguments.

“By putting him in charge from 2024 to 2030, he has already made Putin's possible defeat this year a colossal blow to his ego,” he stressed.

According to him, many expect China to make a mistake, which has in fact firmly tied itself to Putin. Therefore, the Chinese authorities probably do not leave Russia without support, for example, chips or integrated circuits may well be transferred.

In his opinion, the danger from China is really serious.

I would not isolate this issue in Washington and would reckon with the growing danger of a world evil empire in the composition in which I listed: China, Iran, Russia and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. All these countries are rascals,” he concluded.

The oppositionist noted that it is still necessary to focus not only on the intentions of Xi Jinping and the enemy side, but also on the intentions of the West.

Xi Jinping wants to make history

  • According to military expert Yuri Fedorov, Xi Jinping's goal is to go down in history as the man who settled the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.
  • Yes, the Chinese leader needs to influence Putin and force him to accept the conditions put forward. We are talking about the first point of the so-called “peace plan” – respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries. In other words, Russia must withdraw its troops from Ukraine to the 1991 borders.
  • As you know, this does not suit the Russians at all. But they can't ignore what their Chinese “big brother” thinks.

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