We need a hero to save our relatives, and it can be Erdogan, the father of the defender of Mariupol


We need a hero to save our relatives, and Erdogan can become it – the father of the defender of Mariupol

The father of the defender of Mariupol turned to Erdogan/screenshot from the video

During the appeal of the families of the military personnel of the Mariupol garrison regarding the extraction procedure, the father of one of the fighters, who is now at Azovstal, noted that Turkey can help save the defenders.

The father of the fighter of the Azov regiment Evgeny Sukharnikov stressed that the extraction is the international solution that the relatives of the fighters insist on, and the petition they created calling for the extraction has already gained almost one and a half million votes. It is also about the removal of the wounded and the bodies of the dead soldiers, channel 24 reports.

This suggests that there is a lot of support for this idea in society. But the main thing is missing – implementation. We need a hero, a person who has enough political authority to implement this procedure,” Sukharnikov noted.

Erdogan can become this hero

According to him, from a political and geographical point of view, if we take into account the Black Sea region, then first of all, it is Turkey that can help realize the only chance to save the fighters – to carry out extraction. And Turkish President Erdogan can become a hero who will help save people.

I personally address the respected President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with a request, as husband to husband, as father to father, help me get my son and his brothers out of there,” Sukharnikov said.

In his address, he added that Erdogan already has experience in implementing similar operations in the Middle East.

We are aware of the risks of extraction

Sukharnikov said that, together with the families of the fighters who are now at Azovstal in Mariupol, he is asking Erdogan to send a civilian fleet, a boat without weapons, to pick up the Ukrainian defenders who are surrounded.

He added that everyone understand that there are certain risks of extraction, because Ukrainian defenders can be killed during the withdrawal.

But we don't have much choice. Either we take risks and launch this procedure, or we watch live as they are being killed by the whole world. I beg you to carry out the extraction procedure. Mr. Erdogan, you have a historic opportunity to become a person whose name will be inscribed in history as the name of a hero and a peacemaker. We ask you for this help,” Evgeny Sukharnikov said.

This is not a war, this is a massacre

The father of the Azov fighter said that his son is now in hell at Azovstal “, but the fighters, despite everything, are still holding the line.

He stressed that war is always cruel, and the Ukrainians have already seen this. But what is happening at Azovstal is not a war, but a massacre, a violation of any conventions and the destruction of surrounded people.

Sukharnikov recalled that there have already been precedents in world history – the extraction in Dunkirk during the Second World War, as well as more modern examples of the procedure in Syria.

Extraction provides for the withdrawal of the military, the wounded and the dead on the territory of a third country – neutral in the war, as well as the storage of the withdrawn people in this territory until the end of hostilities without the possibility of joining the war.< /p>

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