We need to prepare for new “meat shafts”: the Russians are ready to die for the sake of capturing Ukraine


We need to prepare for new

It's very easy to love the military and the Armed Forces during offensives and victories. It is somewhat harder when you have to retreat, and the victories are not at all obvious.

Russians are ready to go to a shameful death

But in any case, I hope that it has long been obvious to everyone: only the Armed Forces of Ukraine separate us from the total all-consuming darkness moving towards Ukraine. He is moving, and does not think to stop this advance.

When the well-known article of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was recently published, it caused a lively reaction from the society. But this reaction was caused only by a statement of understandable things: the enemy plans to continue to advance. He plans, and for this he began mobilization, and will continue it in the future.

Those who still talk about “Putin's war” look ridiculous. The Russian dictator started it, but he is leading it with the active involvement of all his people. This people, which is typical, are completely ready to go to die and kill for the sake of the goal of “destroying Ukraine.” Let this goal be diligently camouflaged, but still it is not hidden at all. They want to conquer and destroy Ukraine and are ready to die for it.

Therefore, you need to be prepared for new “meat waves” that will roll on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The battle for Soledar was expected

Those for whom the situation near Soledar came as a surprise should simply look at the reports for the last six months. Then you will see that this “meat shaft” was moving against this city for more than one day, not one week, not one month. It is clear that Ukraine cannot resist the aggressor in the way that the Muscovites have chosen for themselves. So, you need to break these “waves” by rigging, approaches, preparation.

It is not for nothing that General Syrsky was in Bakhmut not so long ago, known in the last war for his leadership in several operations, which in the future will be studied as examples of skill: from the defense of Kyiv to the “Kharkov Offensive”.

The appearance of Syrsky testifies to the importance of directing military leadership and understanding all threats and challenges. In the end, the plans of the Russians did not come true: they did not break through the Ukrainian defense, they did not carry out the cordon, the Armed Forces of Ukraine retained controllability and organization, they maintain defense in a key area. And this is something that every objective viewer must recognize.

Russians need to close all “windows of opportunity”

But the problem of the invasion of “mobilized pests” has not gone away. And this activates the question to the civilized world about the scale of support for Ukraine. Someone recently toyed with the ideas that “tomorrow it will be possible to agree”, that “Putin's regime will change”, that “there is no need to close the windows of opportunity” and “there is no need for escalation”. But in the end, the Russian aggressor is only hatching new large-scale plans to prolong the aggression.

The refusal of Ukraine in tanks or missiles not only does not limit the escalation, but, as we see, contributes to further escalation.

The terrorist people, known by the code name “Russians”, dreams only of killing Ukrainians. It is a fact. The answer to this fact can only be a military one.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have repeatedly proved their ability to solve problems of any complexity, but the world, which claims to be civilized, should help them in this. The persuasion and persuasion of the terrorist people will not work. Don't leave them “windows of opportunity” because those windows stink a lot.

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