We ran into an anti-tank mine, but remained alive – the defenders of Ukraine called the advantages of the M113A armored personnel carrier


We ran into an anti-tank mine, but remained alive - the defenders of Ukraine called the advantages of the M113A armored personnel carrier

The Ukrainian military continues to use American vehicles in the war against Russia. For example, the M113A3 armored personnel carrier. By the way, he saved the lives of our defenders.

So, Andrey, the driver of the M113A3 armored personnel carrier, shared his impressions about the car. According to a fighter from one of the separate brigades of the Marine Corps, the armored personnel carrier is fast and easy to operate.

Saved from an anti-tank mine

Andrei noticed that he was satisfied with the American armored personnel carrier. Among the advantages of the M113A3, he singled out the fact that the vehicle is armored, fast, and also easy to control.

There was a case when they ran into an anti-tank mine, the crew, of course, was shell-shocked, but everyone survived. The front roller was torn off, later they were able to pull it back, repaired it, and now it is back in service,” Andrey noted.

The M113A3 armored personnel carrier saved the life of military Andrey / Photo from Facebook of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Note that the military himself comes from Berdyansk. While his hometown is under occupation. We hope that very soon it will be possible to release him and drive the occupiers out of there.

The man himself said that in April 2022 he managed to escape from the occupation. After that, he immediately turned to the military registration and enlistment office. Andrey is a teacher of Ukrainian language, literature and history by education . Before that, he did not serve in the army. But considerable experience as a trucker and working with equipment allowed him to become a driver.

Andrei has no doubts that he will return home. And that both over his native Berdyansk, and over other cities of Ukraine, the flag of Ukraine will again flutter.

We did not come to them, we did not ask the Russians for anything. It was not we who woke them up at five in the morning with rocket attacks. This should not be the case in the modern world, but if the enemy comes to us with weapons, we will take them out with weapons,” he stressed.

By the way, about the withdrawal. Our military continues to effectively destroy the enemy. As of March 23, the number of casualties is close to 170,000.

More than 600 liquidated per day

  • According to the General Staff, 660 Russian fighters were eliminated over the past day. As for the general statistics, now they are talking about 168,150 occupiers who got to the “Kobzon's concert.”
  • Our military destroyed a lot of equipment. So, 3,570 tanks, 6,898 armored combat vehicles, 2,608 artillery systems, 511 MLRS, 273 air defense systems, 305 aircraft and 290 helicopters have already been turned into scrap metal .
  • And on the balance sheet of the “second army of the world” there are 2,203 UAVs of the operational-tactical level, 909 cruise missiles, 18 ships, 5,452 cars and tankers and 273 pieces of special equipment less.

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