We regard it as a “dirty nuclear bomb”: Russia commented on Scholz's decision to send Leopard to Ukraine

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We regard it as a

Also in Russia they say that Germany was allegedly forced to accept this decision, threatening “international isolation in the event of failure”.

Russia claims that German-made Leopard 2 tanks are equipped with uranium-core armor-piercing projectiles and their use against the Russian military will be regarded as the use of “dirty nuclear bombs”.

This was stated by the head of the Russian delegation Konstantin Gavrilov in Vienna at the OSCE forum on military security and arms control, RIA Novosti propagandist reports.

“We warn Western sponsorsthe Kyiv military machine from encouraging nuclear provocations and blackmail. We know that the Leopard 2 tank, as well as the Bradley and Marder infantry fighting vehicles, have uranium-core armor-piercing projectiles, which are used in Yurany and Yurany. In the event that such shells are supplied to Kyiv for NATO heavy military equipment, we will consider this as the use of dirty nuclear bombs against Russia, with all the ensuing consequences“, he said.

Gavrilov thought that Germany was forced to make a decision on tanks, threatening “international isolation in case of refusal. ” Of course, the main role in this was played by Russia's most enemy – the United States.

“First, the allies threatened Berlin with international isolation in case of refusal to transfer the Leopards. Then none other than the representative of the US State Department, Ned Price, announced the “fast news” about the sending of the German “beast” to Kyiv. This is how transatlantic “solidarity” is forged, — said the head of the delegation.

Scholz decided to transfer Leopard to Ukraine

After 11 months of hesitation and under pressure from society, the German chancellor decided to transfer modern Leopard 2 battle tanks Ukraine. The government made the corresponding decision on January 25. In total, Ukraine expects 300 tanks from Western allies, but it is not yet officially known how many armored vehicles our state will receive. According to media reports, Western partners will transfer 80 Leopard tanks.

Minister Defense of Germany Boris Pistorius said that Leopard 2 tanks from Germany could be delivered to Ukraine in about three months. nicknames to use tanks will start very soon.

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