“We rent apartments only to non-Slavs”: a new trend has been launched in Kazakhstan due to the invasion of Russians


"We rent apartments only to non-Slavs": a new trend has been launched in Kazakhstan due to the invasion of Russians

After dictator Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization in Russia, Kazakhstan became one of the destinations for Russians to flee . However, the Kazakhs are not happy to see them in their country.

On September 23, the recommendations of most Ukrainian users were literally flooded with videos of Kazakhs about the invasion of the Russians. Our citizens appreciated it very much.

The Kazakhs decided to remind the Russians of everything

It's no secret that the “main denazifiers” despise all peoples, even those living on the territory of Russia. Accusing the Ukrainians of “Nazism”, the Russians have long divided people into Slavs and “non-Slavs”. Therefore, often people who came to Russia from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and other Asian countries were faced with the fact that they could not rent an apartment, because, they say, “Moscow is for Russians.”

But now, as they say, fortune has returned to the Russians on the other side and now they are fleeing to Kazakhstan, instead of fighting against the criminal regime. But the people of Kazakhstan are not at all happy to see the fugitives.

The boomerang law has not been canceled: watch the video

Apartments in Kazakhstan are only for Kazakhs: watch the video

No one has forgotten anything except Russians: watch the video

< strong>Hey, denazifiers with a face: watch the video

Now the Russians will feel everything for themselves: watch the video

< /p>

However, among the users of the social networks of Kazakhstan there are those who decided to remind the Russians of some moments in history. The Kazakhs, like the Ukrainians, experienced a lot of grief – repressions, the destruction of the intelligentsia and famine. Therefore, this is another reason why Russians are not welcome in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhs remember their history: watch the video

< strong>Russians would like to forget when they need it: watch the video

Yet Kazakhs do not stoop low to kick Russians out of their country. And, obviously, it will not be easy for them there.

The apartments that the Russians deserve: watch the video

Well Well, it's time to do business: watch the video

But for the Russians in Kazakhstan there is another unpleasant surprise – they thought that the whole world spoke Russian. Now they have every chance to find out that the Kazakh language exists, but given the Ukrainian experience, they will start calling Kazakhs who love their language and culture “Nazis.” This is the stage we have already passed.

Now Russians can talk about “Nazism” again: watch the video

Congratulations in the new reality, Russians: watch the video

Ukrainians react

Ukrainians really liked the trend of the Kazakhs , for at least one simple reason – both peoples have a lot in common in the context of how Russians behaved condescendingly for years, considered themselves better than others, but something suddenly went wrong.

How Ukrainians react to new trend in Kazakhstan: watch the video

Let's leave you the video that best describes this situation.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend: watch the video

Interestingly, the President of Kazakhstan is called to close the border with Russia: watch the video

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