We started to get the best equipment for the offensive, – Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine


We started to get the best equipment for the offensive, - Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The West has stepped up the supply of weapons and equipment to Ukraine. Moreover, Ukraine will probably be able to count on receiving the amount of equipment that Valery Zaluzhny announced.

This was told to Channel 24 by a military expert, instructor pilot and colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the reserve Roman Svitan. The company of tanks that Poland will transfer will help in one of the pinpoint breakthroughs, for example, in the exit towards Kremennaya or Svatovoe, the expert emphasized.

On January 11, 2023, it became known about the transfer to Ukraine of a company of Leopard tanks from Poland. Probably talking about 14 pieces of equipment.

Tanks and infantry fighting vehicles will work in pairs

According to Svetan, the upcoming transfer of Leopard tanks was clear last year, when they announced the provision of Bradley and Marder infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine. After all, the tank reveals its capabilities on the offensive, when infantry fighting vehicles are paired with it.

The colonel noted that infantry fighting vehicles equipped with machine guns, rangefinders, missiles, etc. are being handed over to Ukraine.

Swithan noted that Abrams tanks are the optimal pair for the Bradley IFV, but they will work well with the Leopard tank.

At one time they were created in pairs so that they complement each other. That is, the tank performs a certain task of breaking through, of destroying the enemy on the aisle, and the BMP covers it from the air, hitting the enemy’s small points. This is his armored fist,” Swithan added.

Dawn on the transfer of heavy equipment to Ukraine: watch the video

Now it's a matter of quantity

According to the colonel, for the number of tanks that are transferred to Ukraine, infantry fighting vehicles are needed. In Ukraine, there are both tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, they can be combined.

General Zaluzhny spoke about the quantity needed for a strategic breakthrough in Ukraine last year. This is about 300 tanks, so we need about 30 such companies. And about 700 armored vehicles. We are currently receiving 70, so we need 10 times more. And about 500 artillery pieces,” Svitan emphasized.

The military expert noted that in order to transfer the Leopard to the Poles, it was necessary to obtain permission from Germany, since it is the manufacturer. If there is already a permit, then it will not be about a new nomenclature, but about the amount of equipment.

Svitan said that there are Leopard tanks in Europe, tank repair is well-adjusted.

“This Leopard 2 tank is in the line of probably the best tanks in the world. These are fourth generation tanks. This generation also includes Abrams, the American Challenger 2, the Israeli Merkava, the South Korean K2 tank. We have now begun to receive probably the best equipment for offensive,” Svitan said.

The main thing is to start

The military man noted that 300 tanks, the number of which Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhny spoke about, are in Europe, not even counting the United States.

You can even pick up a Leopard 1 from storage and hand it over to us, these are about the same tanks as the T-72 that we currently use. the speaker added.

He assumes that Ukraine will still receive the amount that Zaluzhny spoke about. This will also launch the European defense industry, which will also be able to earn.

“In the end, we will pay for this entire war with Russian money, everyone understands this very well, so the main thing is to start here,” the colonel emphasized.

Military aid to Ukraine: latest

  • The delivery of a company of Leopard tanks was announced by Polish President Andrzej Duda during a meeting with Volodymyr Zelensky in Lvov.
  • Lithuania has predicted 40 million euros in the budget of its Ministry of Defense for military assistance to Ukraine.
  • For the first time, the British government confirmed its intention to transfer modern tanks to Ukraine for combat. Probably, they are talking about the Challenger 2.

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