We survived the winter, the power system survived: Ignat told what the enemy’s new goals could be


We survived the winter, the power system survived: Ignat told what the enemy’s new goals could be

Ukrainians managed to survive perhaps the most difficult winter since the declaration of independence of our state. The power system managed to survive. But new attacks of the enemy are not ruled out.

In an interview with Channel 24, Air Force speaker Yuri Ignat suggested what the enemy's next targets might be. After all, the enemy can change his strategy, as he has done before, choosing other objects as new targets.

What are the goals for the Russians in priority

They can shoot anything. Their priority targets are government buildings, buildings of the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defense. That is, as they call them there, “decision-making centers,” Ignat emphasized.

He also noted that one should expect possible missile strikes on transport infrastructure, hydraulic engineering and treatment facilities, in general, on everything that “can bring grief to people and an ecological catastrophe.” At the same time, the latest massive missile attack, which the Russians carried out on March 9, indicates that the Russians continue to hit energy facilities, Ignat emphasized.

He also made the right point. According to the Air Force speaker, government buildings are not limited to the capital. Yuri Ignat recalled the missile attack on the Kharkiv and Nikolaev Regional State Administrations.

Therefore, you can expect anything from them. We just need to be ready and destroy everything that flies at us. And people should adhere to safety recommendations,” Ignat emphasized.

Ukraine cannot shoot down all missiles

Yuriy Ignat also recalled that Ukraine does not have air defense systems in its equipment that could shoot down all the missiles fired by the Russians.

For example, we cannot shoot down ballistic missiles. The same Iskander-M, which at the beginning of the war were actively used for attacks. The same applies to “Point-U”. With it, the invaders struck at the railway station in Kramatorsk.

In addition, we cannot intercept MLRS missiles. For example, the same “Tornadoes”. The Kh-47m2 Kinzhal hypersonic aeroballistic missile also remains an inaccessible target for the existing air defense systems in Ukraine.

The same applies to the Kh-22 missile. According to the classification, this is a classic cruise missile. But it develops a speed of 4 – 5 thousand kilometers per hour. According to the principle of hitting the target, it is more like ballistics. And it was she who was used to attack a high-rise building in the Dnieper and a shopping and entertainment center in Kremenchug.

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