We walked along the “road of life”: 10 deported Ukrainians in Zaporozhye escaped from the occupation


Walking along the "road of life": 10 deported Ukrainians in Zaporozhye escaped from the occupation

Russian invaders continue to terrorize the inhabitants of the occupied territories. Recently, 10 deported residents were able to escape from captivity to Zaporozhye.

This was announced by the mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, on the air of the national telethon, Channel 24 informs. According to him, 45 days ago, the invaders closed the main evacuation route for residents in the occupation.

10 deported Ukrainians managed to escape from the occupation

As Fedorov said, the invaders weekly post videos in the propaganda media about how Ukrainians are being deported outside the occupation. , assistance to the resistance forces, sabotage and so on,” the mayor noted.

Thus, on camera, people with almost no belongings are sent to walk 10 kilometers along the “gray zone” towards Zaporozhye. However, outside the cells, they disappeared without a trace. Probably, the deportees were returned to captivity.

According to Fedorov, on the evening of January 31, 10 deported people were still able to escape from captivity. The mayor noted that they walked along the “road of life.” As a result, the Ukrainian side delivered them to Zaporozhye.

“We are clarifying the details regarding the first residents this year who were able to escape from the occupation,” the mayor added.

Where the Russians are deporting Ukrainian children

The invaders deported Ukrainian children to at least 57 regions of Russia. Ekaterina Rashevskaya, a lawyer at the Regional Center for Human Rights, spoke about this.

It is still very difficult to determine how many children Russia has deported. After all, the aggressor country does not provide access to this process. The number of children taken out varies – according to various sources, it is from 260,000 to almost 700,000 minors.

However, a certain number of children still ended up in Russia without parents or a legal representative. The first group is the so-called military orphans, whose relatives were detained during the filtrations or killed by the occupiers.

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