We will definitely emerge from the war victorious and liberate the land from the invaders, – Malyar


We will definitely emerge victorious from the war and liberate the land from invaders, – Maliar

Malyar promised Ukraine victory/Collage of Channel 24

Each day, our heroes manage to deliver very painful blows to the enemy. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are doing everything to make the enemy’s forces dwindle and victory approach.


On July 28, 2022, Ukraine celebrates the Day of Ukrainian Statehood for the first time. We meet him during the war with the belief that this time the victory over the invaders will be final and irrevocable.

Ukraine will definitely win

Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar is convinced that there can be only one result in this battle – the victory of our state. She stated this at a briefing at the Media Center of Ukraine, channel 24 broadcasts.

Malyar hopes that we will celebrate the next Day of Ukrainian Statehood in a peaceful and independent state that has managed to overcome the eternal enemy.

The biggest mistake of an occupier is to send slaves to conquer the free. Our defenders and defenders confidently hold the front. All diplomats and state structures tirelessly work on their fronts, like the whole people. We will definitely come out of this war victorious, – said the Deputy Minister of Defense.

The war between Russia and Ukraine: latest news

  • The Russians may try to attack Zaporozhye. General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Maxim Krivonos told how the enemy is going to implement his plan.
  • The enemy fired at Bakhmut with cluster munitions. As a result of the vile attack of the invaders, there are dead.

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