We will soon see the collapse of Russia with our own eyes, – Danilov


We will soon see the collapse of Russia with our own eyes - Danilov

< p _ngcontent-sc138="" class="news-annotation">Ukrainian fighters continue to heroically expel Russian infidels from the territory of our country. Our entire territory will be liberated, but a different fate awaits the aggressor state.

National Security and Defense Council Secretary Oleksiy Danilov told Channel 24 about this. He noted that what our guys are doing now in the Crimea, no one from Putin's inner circle dreamed of in horror.

Russia is waiting for the collapse

According to him, the Russians believe they are under protection, but they are not. Ukraine understands how we can achieve results, and they will definitely come. Our entire territory will be liberated from Russian infidels.

The Russians called Crimea the “red line” and said that they would not be able to put up with such an insult as the destruction of the Crimean bridge. However, they will have to “swallow not only this, but also many things that await them in the next 5-7 years”.

According to Danilov, this is the term when Russia begins to disintegrate.

We will see the collapse of the Russian Federation with our own eyes, – the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council emphasized.

He added that in the form that Russia exists today, it will no longer function.

< strong>Danilov spoke about the possible collapse of Russia: watch the video

Russian war from Ukraine: latest news

  • On August 22, the Armed Forces of Ukraine officially confirmed a new attack on the Antonovsky bridge in Kherson. Its occupiers actively used it to transport equipment. The bridge is completely destroyed and it is still impossible to restore it.
  • The Russian air defense forces are unable to cope with the “pop” in the occupied Crimea. Therefore, Russia is simulating large-scale air attacks in order to convince the domestic consumer of the “strength” of its air defense. According to the testimony of local residents, Russia is launching some kind of ammunition from the sea, on which the air defense forces are working out.
  • As of the beginning of the day, the enemy ship group in the Black Sea is increasing its presence. According to our intelligence, soon the total number of Russian military vessels in the water area will be 14 units. However, all these ships and boats keep at a calculated safe distance behind Cape Tarkhankut.
  • On the outskirts of Donetsk, a “cotton” arrived in the morning. Subsequently, it turned out that the base of the “fifteen” battalion was on fire. This is a group of Russian mercenaries who have been fighting in the Luhansk region since 2014. In addition, there are liquidated occupiers.

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