“We work to bring victory closer”: Farmak summed up the results of 2022


Farmak remains the largest pharmaceutical company in Ukraine. In 2022, the company paid more than UAH 870 million to the state budget in the form of taxes and fees, moreover, it did it ahead of schedule in order to support the country's economy.

Despite the fact that the Russians, Being in the vicinity of Kyiv, they destroyed the company's warehouses with all finished products and primary packaging, Farmak decided not to stop investing in its Ukrainian enterprises.

What was the year 2022 for Farmak

In 2022the company invested in the development of its own production facilitiesin Kyiv and Shostka Sumy region more than 725 million hryvnia.

The main investment project last year at the enterprise waslaunching a new site for the production of drugs in nebulas. Such drugs are especially important for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. In war conditions, 16 new products of the company appeared. As of today, the portfolio of the market leader includes more than 460 types of medicines.

Also in 2022, the company invested in new modern bomb shelters and a wastewater treatment system at the enterprise. For this, by the way,Farmak was recognized as the best employeraccording to the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs, and the company was included in a number of ratings of companies with the best CSR programs during the war.

Charitable work of Farmak

Although losses from warehouses destroyed by the enemy reached UAH 1.5 billion, which is more than the company's net profit in 2020,Farmak directed powerful financial support to the needs army and population. The amount of charitable assistance provided by the company in 2022 is UAH 60 million. In addition, the company managed to attract an additional 75 million hryvnias of charitable assistance from its foreign partners.

“Certainly, 2022 was not an easy year. I'm not sure that a significant number of other countries in the world would have withstood such a test of the war and were able to maintain the economy and the functioning of businesses. The realization that everyone has their own front in this war united Ukrainians very much. Our pharmaceutical front is to produce high-quality medicines for the population and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, provide jobs and pay taxes. Therefore, we are working to bring victory closer,” the executive director of Farmak Vladimir Kostyuk.

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