Weather from the Arctic is coming to Ukraine: weather forecasters warned of a cold snap


Weather is coming to Ukraine from the Arctic: weather forecasters warned of a cold snap

Coolness from the Arctic comes to Ukraine/Screenshot from the video

The weather will be cool in Ukraine in the coming days. Temperatures will begin to rise over the weekend of July 23-24.

The temperature will fall 7 degrees below the climatic norm

The cold snap is due to a decrease in atmospheric pressure. This was stated by weather forecaster Igor Kibalchich.

Ukraine and the entire eastern part of Europe on July 18-22 will be covered by northwestern and northern air currents from Scandinavia and the Arctic. Therefore, in most regions of Ukraine, an increased amount of cloudiness and a decrease in air temperature are expected.

During the entire forecast period, cool weather will prevail on the territory of Ukraine, especially in the northern and eastern regions of the country, Kibalchich said.

According to him, on some days the air temperature during the day will be 5-7 degrees lower than the climatic norms.

On Tuesday, July 19, in the northern regions, the forecaster predicts light rain, and in some places – thunderstorms. The northwest wind will move at a speed of 5-10 meters per second. At night, the air temperature will drop to +12…+17 degrees, and during the day it will fluctuate within +23…+28 degrees. In the South, the thermometers will stay higher.

On Wednesday, rains and thunderstorms will also cover Eastern Ukraine. In some places squalls are possible – 15 – 20 meters per second.

On Thursday it will rain in the North and Kharkov region, and on Friday – on the entire Left Bank. No precipitation is predicted in the western regions of Kibalchich.

Pay attention! Over the weekend, Ukraine will be covered by an air mass from southern Europe. The air temperature will rise sharply.

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