“We're glad to pay.” Snapchat owner spoke out about “Apple tax”

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Snap, which owns the Snapchat messenger, is happy to pay Apple a 30% commission to sell its digital products and services through the App Store. This was stated by the head of the company Evan Spiegel.

“We really believe that Snapchat wouldn’t exist without the iPhone and the awesome platform (App Store – Approx. The Secret) created by Apple. I'm not sure if in this sense we had any choice to pay the 30% commission. Of course, we're happy to pay in exchange for all the great technology they give us, ”Snap's CEO told CNBC.

He added that we are talking about Apple technologies in the field of software and hardware.

Epic Games vs. Apple

In August 2020, a conflict erupted between iPhone maker and game developer Epic Games. The studio has added its own payment system to the Fortnite game, bypassing Apple fees. The corporation, which took 30% of any in-app purchases from the App Store, considered this to be a flagrant violation of the rules.

Apple removed the game and all other Epic Games apps from the store. In response, Epic Games, Spotify and others have formed a coalition to change Apple's monopoly in the marketplace and reduce developer fees.

Earlier, “Secret” wrote that the head Tim Cook testified in court in the case of the removal of Epic Games applications from the App Store. The cross-examination of the top manager lasted four hours. Cook denied allegations of violating antitrust laws and said that his corporation is “obsessed with caring for users and guided by their interests in its actions.” According to the top manager, users can always choose cheaper smartphones running on the Android operating system instead of the iPhone.

Pavel Durov vs. Apple

Pavel Durov's Telegram messenger also complained about the App Store. The company asked the European Union to force Apple to allow users to install apps bypassing its store. In July 2020, Durov named seven reasons why the 30% “Apple tax” in the App Store should be of concern to every iPhone owner.

Since January 1, 2021, Apple has reduced the commission for small mobile app developers from 30% to 15%. Only developers who have earned less than $ 1 million in the app store in a year will be able to participate in the small business support program. If the company's revenue exceeds this mark, the commission will return to the level of 30%.

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