West should prepare for nerves to fail in Russia – Podolyak on threats of nuclear strike


The West should prepare for the loss of nerves in Russia, – Podolyak on the threats of a nuclear strike

Podolyak advised the West to prepare in advance for a nuclear strike/Channel 24 collage

Russia, in its usual rhetoric, is trying its best to terrify the whole world. Nuclear blackmail is renewed from time to time in the Kremlin.

Adviser to the head of the President's Office Mikhail Podolyak in the Freedom telethon urged the West to be careful about such threats. He noted that not only on a nuclear strike, but also on everything else, Channel 24 reports.

The world should be wary of treating any threats to Russia, including claims on the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO or plans to “denazify” Poland, Podolyak said.

According to him, it was earlier that Russia threatened with Iskander-type missiles. But now the enemy has nuclear warheads in the arsenal.

Podolyak believes that in such circumstances, Europe and the United States need to prepare in advance a protocol of preventive actions in the event of a real nuclear war.

The aggressor understands only the language of force

The adviser to the head of the Presidential Office also pondered why Russia attacked Ukraine at all. He is convinced that the aggressor country was sure that the world would swallow it.

He gave an example of threats to the leaders of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin. He dared to threaten Finland and Sweden with a nuclear strike, which means killing millions. Podolyak says that precisely because he was convinced that he would get nothing for it.

“The aggressor understands only the language of force. Every attempt to threaten with nuclear weapons must receive a tough response and increased sanctions pressure. The world must agree on what the response will be in the event of the use of nuclear weapons by Russia at the level of the protocol of actions,” says Podolyak.

He also notes that the world is silent in response to this.

Podolyak's statements

  • Mikhail Podolyak reacted to the fact that Sweden and Finland intends to join NATO. Thus, the borders of Russia and the Alliance are increasing, which is what Putin is so afraid of. According to Podolyak, Russia is already completely tired of the world. Therefore, the constant threats emanating from the aggressor state are no longer of interest to anyone.
  • Podolyak, like all Ukrainian politicians, urges the West to provide us with weapons in even larger quantities and faster. Thus, we can quickly drive the Russians out of their land. Podolyak stated that weapons for Ukraine are the key to the food security of the whole world.
  • The adviser to the head of the Presidential Office also expressed his opinion on Russia's impudent statements about Ukraine's accession to the European Union. According to him, no one cares about Russia's opinion on our country's accession to the European Union. After all, the words of Moscow are not even worth the time to talk.

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