Western intelligence told whether the capture of Lisichansk will allow the invaders to move on


Western intelligence told whether the capture of Lisichansk will allow the invaders to advance further

During each advance, Russia suffers crushing losses/Getty Images

< strong _ngcontent-sc88="">Western intelligence considers the fascination with the occupiers of Lisichansk as real progress for Russia. At the same time, during each advance, the invaders suffer catastrophic losses.

The morale of the Russian troops is at a low level. In addition, the invaders have problems with ammunition.

Russia still suffers crushing losses in Ukraine

Western intelligence noted that the capture of the Lisichansk invaders means that Russia has shown “real progress” in achieving the alleged initial goal of the invasion – the so-called “liberation of Donbass.” Cooperation between Russian forces in southern Ukraine has improved somewhat since Gen. Sergei Surovikin took command, one official said.

Russia has made significant changes in command in recent weeks. Surovikin took command of the southern group of troops, which controls the occupation of the South and the offensive from the south to the Donbass.

“He is a contradictory figure even by the standards of the Russian generals. It is not clear whether his influence led to recent successes around Lisichansk, but, of course, cooperation between groups of forces on the side of Russia was better than we saw at the previous stages of the war,” the official added . .

At the same time, Russia's tactical success in the Donbas does not mean a change in the position of the West. Now the constant of the onset of kafir is complex.

the costs that Russia is experiencing for each promotion remains significant, and there are very serious problems regarding the moral spirit and reserves of Russian ammunition. It remains very vague and whether Russia will come out this year on the border of the Donetsk region, – added in intelligence.

According to the official, the systems of Western long -range weapons begin to make significant operational changes for Ukraine. This can be seen from the flight of infidels from the island of Serpents and the increase in the number of attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on important hostile targets in the temporarily occupied territories of Donbass. Long-range MLRS further weaken Russia's existing vulnerability.

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