Western media predict the imminent release of Kherson: what are such forecasts based on


Western media predict the imminent liberation of Kherson: what are such forecasts based on

The Financial Times predicts that the liberation of Kherson from Russian occupation is possible by the end of October. In all likelihood, such forecasts are based on certain data from journalists about the supply of weapons to Russian troops.

At the same time, after the damage to the Crimean bridge, the supply of Russian troops in Crimea and the mainland South of Ukraine decreased by 50%. . About it on air Channel 24said military expert, reserve colonel Roman Svitan.

When the Russians can be squeezed out of Kherson

Because of this, the most right-bank grouping of Russian troops in the Kherson region. Therefore, they are now starting to use army stocks, which will last at least a week.

That is, in a week she will feel shell “hunger”. The Western media, most likely, is precisely on this and guided. However, the bridge has not yet been completely destroyed, Roman Svitan emphasized.

In his opinion, if a second blow occurs on the Crimean bridge, then it will be possible to talk about a complete cessation of supplies.

“That is, only after the second strike, count the week. And only then it will be possible to say that the de-occupation of the right bank has been carried out. After all, the groups will then” sit down “on the emergency stocks of ammunition and it will be possible to more or less calmly squeeze out or destroy them,” the military expert explained .

Will the Russians flee Kherson

Earlier, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin ordered to keep Kherson at any cost. However, the Gauleiters are already publicly asking for evacuation.

The specialist believes that the Russians are considering all options. And one of these options is the evacuation of the right-bank grouping. At the same time, traitors only think about their own skin.

They will be the first to take their families out, but it will not be possible to do this covertly, because it will always be very media. That is why they launch such a media wave under the guise of evacuating the entire population,” Roman Svitan explained.

He noted that the retreat from the right bank of the Dnieper from a military point of view is the best option to save most of the personnel units that are in Kherson.

Forecast for the de-occupation of Kherson

  • The Western edition of the Financial Times predicts that Ukrainian troops may recapture Kherson and completely liberate the western bank of the Dnieper next week.
  • Journalists drew attention to the call of collaborators to Russian infidels to immediately begin the “evacuation” of the population in the occupied region, allegedly “in connection with shelling”.
  • At the same time, the authors of the material note that Russian troops are preparing for the “final battle” for Kherson. In particular, they are preparing for street fighting in the city.

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