Western weapons are already needed, the issue is acute, – Andrusov


Western weapons are needed already, the question is acute, – Andrusov

Andrusov told why Ukraine needs weapons from partners so much/Collage of channel 24

Ukraine continues to wait for the weapons it needs from Western partners. Our state has already managed to receive some military assistance, but there is one that has not yet been received, although it is very necessary.

Victor Andrusiv, adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs, told Channel 24. He noted that now Ukraine does not receive all the weapons that it would like.

Why we urgently need weapons from the West

As Andrusov noted, the key issue that our allies are now considering (in particular, during the Ramstein-2 meeting) is an increase in the number of artillery for Ukraine. He explained that the West has never relied on artillery in wars.

Russia has been living this history since World War II. According to Andrusiv, now everyone understands that this Russian-Ukrainian artillery war.

We are running out of ammunition for Soviet howitzers, our Hurricanes and Tornadoes. Western weapons are already needed, the issue is acute, since you can get a very large supply of ammunition for them,” Andrusov stressed.

Why are there supply delays

According to him, the supply of weapons under Lend-Lease is an ongoing process, not tied to specific dates. He stressed that Ukraine has already received armored personnel carriers and howitzers from the allies, which continue to arrive in our state, that is, their number is constantly increasing.

However, Andrusiv noted that we are not getting everything we wanted. First of all, this concerns the latest weapons, since training on how to use them is still ongoing (for example, kamikaze drones or MLRS multiple launch rocket systems).

Key question

The adviser also told what weapons Ukraine needs to carry out a successful counteroffensive. He noted that the previous stage of the war, where howitzers were necessary for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, was closed. Now the key issue for us is missiles with a range of 300 kilometers or more. Andrusov said.

He stressed that today this issue is extremely important for the West, and not just for us, since it is about unblocking the Black Sea. At the same time, without missiles with a radius of 300 kilometers, Ukraine will not be able to unlock it.

Andrusov told why Ukraine now urgently needs weapons from partners: watch the video

< h2 class="news-subtitle cke-markup"> “Ramstein-2”: discussing Ukraine's military support

  • Yesterday, May 23, an online meeting of the Contact Group on Military Support to Ukraine took place. Such a meeting is a continuation of the cooperation started at the German Ramstein Air Base.
  • According to information, the meeting was attended by defense ministers of more than 40 countries. They discussed the current situation on the battlefield in Ukraine, the military assistance that has already been provided to our state, and what our military needs now.
  • Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov thanked Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin for his leadership in Rammstein format. He noted that at the meeting they discussed new systems that should change the situation on the battlefield, but it is still unknown what kind of weapon was mentioned.

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