What are the main waves of mobilization and who within them is subject to conscription


What are the main waves of mobilization and who is subject to conscription within them

Mobilization in Ukraine/Word and deed

On February 24, Volodymyr Zelensky decided to announce and conduct a general mobilization in Ukraine. At the end of May, the Verkhovna Rada extended martial law and general mobilization until August 23.


During this period, there are different waves of mobilization. Therefore, Nadezhda Grishchenko, lawyer, lawyer at Ario Law Firm, recalled the main waves, as well as who within them is subject to conscription.

Waves of mobilization and who within them is subject to conscription

  1. First of allthe recruitment of combat military units is carried out by reservists, former participants in the ATO and JFO. The number of units is gradually increased by conscripting retired military personnel and those liable for military service.
  2. During the second wave, reservists who did not fall into the first wave of mobilization are called up, as well as military personnel who underwent military service until 2014 or served under contract.
  3. Third wave – these are reserve officers and conscripts who graduated from the military departments of universities.
  4. During the fourth wave call on all citizens of military age – from 18 to 60 years old, subject to mobilization (they have no restrictions on age, health status, etc.).

At the same time, Grishchenko noted that such a division is conditional to determine the persons who are in priority for conscription, and it is not documented in any way.

Therefore, this does not mean that persons from the conditional fourth stage will not be mobilized until until all persons from the conditional second stage are mobilized.

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