What British Challenger 2 tanks are capable of and how they will help the Armed Forces of Ukraine


What British Challenger 2 tanks are capable of and how they will help the Armed Forces

Great Britain will hand over its Challenger 2 tanks to us. The British Ministry of Defense showed how they will help our military at the front.

The ministry also published a video showing the power of combat vehicles. They also said that the tanks have a 120 mm L30A1 cannon with a length of 55 calibers.

What are the advantages of the British Challenger 2 tanks

Why does Ukraine need main battle tanks to retake its territory and repel Russian troops? – noted in the ministry.

They explained that the Challenger 2 tanks are special in that they:

  • can destroy other tanks;
  • have increased protection ;
  • capable of supporting combined operations.

In confirmation of the power of the tanks, the British Ministry of Defense showed a video of the exercises in Latvia. On the frames you can see the work of:

  • British Challenger 2 tanks;
  • German Leopard;
  • French Leclerc;
  • and American Abrams.

How the powerful tanks of Britain, the USA, Germany and France work: watch the video

British tanks Challenger 2 will be in the Armed Forces of Ukraine: briefly

  • On January 14, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, in a conversation with Volodymyr Zelensky, said that London would provide Kyiv with Challenger 2 tanks.
  • Subsequently, the Minister of Defense Britain's Ben Wallace said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be provided with a squadron of Challenger 2 tanks – 14 units.
  • The tanks can arrive to us in a few months. Deputy Defense Minister Alex Chalk noted that they plan to transfer Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine at the end of March.
  • It should be noted that British tanks are special, first of all, with a gun. After all, it is rifled and uses separate-loading ammunition that is not unified with NATO.

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