What characteristics do smartphones buy most often?

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What characteristics do smartphones buy most often?

AnTuTu experts have published the result of another study. This time they managed to find out which models of smartphone components users prefer.

The list was compiled based on the results of the third quarter of 2021, writes GizChina. And speaking of screens, the two most popular sizes are 6.6 inches (32.4% of the total) and 6.7 inches (20%).

At the same time, interestingly, MediaTek has successfully bypassed Qualcomm to become the world's largest supplier of chips for smartphones. But it is worth noting that this became possible thanks to the mid-budget segment.

Qualcomm is still in the first place in the flagships. At the same time, the diagram shows that the share of the latter is at the level of 61.8%. This is explained by the fact that many MediaTek mobile phone users do not check performance in the AnTuTu benchmark.

As for RAM, almost half of the total number is occupied by 8 GB smartphones – 49.8% of them. It is followed by devices with 12 GB of RAM (26.6%). If we talk about permanent memory, the most popular are 128 and 256 GB (44.6% and 45.3%, respectively).

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