What could change Zelensky's conversation with Xi Jinping: political scientist's explanation


What could change Zelensky's conversation with Xi Jinping: a political scientist's explanation

Can Zelensky's conversation with Xi Jinping change the course of the war/Channel 24 Collage

Vladimir Zelensky expressed readiness to negotiate with Xi Jinping. Dialogue between the leaders of Ukraine and China is really needed, because it can affect the course of the war


However, only on condition that it will be effective for the Ukrainian side. About this Channel 24said political scientist Andrei Vigirinsky.

I tend to think that such a dialogue will not take place in the foreseeable future, Vigirinsky said.

Zelensky hopes that Xi Jinping may influence Putin

The political scientist noted that Zelensky correctly refers to China as a partner of Russia, at least in terms of importing goods from Russia. “We are not talking about exports, because in relation to the sale of technological goods to the Russian market, China takes a passive position. It does not replace Russia's critical needs for technologies to replace Western companies,” he explained.

It is necessary to understand that that Xi Jinping is the person in whose opinion Putin can weigh. After all, now there is a reorientation of the energy sector on the part of Russia to the markets of India and China, which are part of the same BRICS structure. China plays a key role in it.

China can be the subject that is able to influence even understandably, in terms of weight in geopolitics, the decisions and actions of Russia. – the political scientist emphasized.

For dialogue, a basis is needed – a long-term partnership

According to Vigirinsky, despite the fact that China was our first trading partner over the past few years, Ukraine does not have a trusting systemic relationship with China, produced on joint projects. It is worth mentioning Motor Sich, the State Food Company for the supply of grain under Chinese loans, loans that were planned for Naftogaz by China.

Ukraine as a partner of China in commercial relations did not show itself from the best side. Accordingly, China has no significant interest in Ukraine, even in terms of the supply of food raw materials,” he explained.

Moreover, Russia will become a key partner for the supply of grain to China.

USA will provoke China

After Nancy Pelosi flew to Taiwan, China realized that the US was not in the mood to continue the policy of recognizing a united China and the existence of two systems of government – democratic and communist. The political scientist noted that the Biden administration's unwillingness to interfere with the visit indicates that the United States is moving into a confrontation with China. In addition, China considers Ukraine to be an ally of the United States in Europe.

“We do not take systematic actions to reorient our foreign policy and look for “balancers” – countries that did not become allies of Russia, at the same time did not become our allies. These are India, China, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and others. We do not diversify foreign policy, or we diversify, but today it is difficult to describe from the point of view of public facts,” Vigirinsky believes.

Consequently, it is not clear what Zelensky will talk about with Xi Jinping, except for calls for humanism and an end to the war.

China will be true to its theses

For Ukrainians, China's position is rather contradictory. The fact is that the country will continue to adhere to two theses:

  • Territorial integrity must be preserved, not a single entity will be recognized.
  • The event provoked Russia to commit aggressive actions.

I don't see any common ground where the interests of Ukrainians and Chinese can converge in order to increase pressure on Putin, the political scientist said.

Zelensky wants to talk to Xi Jinping: watch the video

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