What else to check? Supply tanks! – Melnik spoke harshly to Pistorius


What else to check? Supply tanks! – Melnik spoke harshly to Pistorius

During the meeting in the Ramstein format on January 20, the Ukrainian allies failed to agree on the provision of Leopard tanks to our state. This decision caused a wave of negativity towards German politicians.

By the way, the Germans themselves protested in order to “stir up” the authorities. Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Melnik also addressed the new German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius.

What Melnik demands

Deputy Foreign Minister expressed disappointment due to indecision Germany regarding the provision of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine.

Melnik stressed that Germany must finally decide on the supply of tanks, because time is of the essence.

What else needs to be checked, Mr. Pistorius? Supply! It is unfortunate that Svetofor (the coalition of Germany – Channel 24) exposes itself like this, – Melnik wrote. “and immediately begin deliveries of German Leopards.”

He also added that it was not too late for Germany to demonstrate true leadership in strengthening Ukraine.

Why Ukraine desperately needs German tanks

  • Retired British Air Vice-Marshal Sean Bell noted that German equipment is critical for our defenders, because the Russian spring offensive will begin in a matter of weeks.
  • Also note that the Leopard is a top tank that produced by the German concerns Rheinmetall and Krauss-Maffei Wegmann, which is significantly superior to Russian models. A sufficient amount of this technique can change the situation not only on the battlefield, but in general in the war.
  • Recall that on January 11 in Lviv, Polish President Andrzej Duda announced the provision of Leopard tanks to Ukraine. Poland will transfer the first company of Leopard tanks to Ukraine as part of the international coalition.
  • Ukraine is expected to receive Leopard 2А4. The Leopard 2 is NATO's main battle tank and the most common. Currently, more than 3,500 tanks of this type of various modifications have been manufactured and are used all over the world.
  • In fact, the Leopard is the most massive tank in Europe, which is logistically easier to ship to Ukraine. Moreover, this tank is the easiest to maintain, repair, supply with spare parts, tools, ammunition, etc. All this suggests that it is beneficial for Ukraine to get it.
  • In addition to the fact that the German Leopard is considered one of the best combat vehicles in the world, these tanks are also among the most expensive – according to various estimates, depending on modifications from 6.7 million dollars and above.

The main advantages of Leopard tanks/Channel 24 infographics

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