What fool will join the loser: Feigin assessed the prospects of Putin's “anti-Western coalition”


What fool would join a loser: Feigin assessed the prospects of Putin's < /p>

April 1, Russia began its chairmanship of the UN Security Council. The day before, Vladimir Putin signed a decree on a new concept of the foreign policy of the aggressor country. In it, the West acts as an anti-Russian and international destabilizing force and speaks of the creation of an “anti-Western coalition.” However, Russia will not be able to organize it.

Russian human rights activist Mark Feygin is convinced of this. On the airChannel 24, he told what testifies to this.

“No coalition will work in Russia, because it will lose. What a fool would join a loser,” Feygin asked rhetorically.

Who can support Russia

The aggressor country is weak and will not be able to help anyone if necessary. For a coalition is created by strong states and weak ones are attracted to them, the human rights activist explained. Now Russia itself is looking for help, but the number of allied countries is constantly decreasing.

“North Korea, Iran, perhaps a few more countries will be able to support this “coalition”. Even Venezuela has already disappeared from this list, because Washington is negotiating with it. Maduro is a multimillionaire who does not really want to receive sanctions,” the speaker said.

By the way, Nicolas Maduro is the illegitimate President of Venezuela. He supported Putin in the war against Ukraine.

Mark Feigin on the prospects of “Putin's coalition”: watch the video

Will China help

The human rights activist noted rumors that Xi Jinping was allegedly offered to create a common “anti-American coalition” during his visit to Russia. He gently refused this.

“China is its own coalition. It does not need allies, especially in the form of Moscow. Vassals – yes. China does not want to help anyone with anything. It wants to protect its interests. Therefore, Russia's attempts are useless. I think she stepped up these conversations in anticipation of some decisions to create a tribunal,” Feygin suggested the reason. >

  • On April 1, Russia began its month of chairmanship in the UN Security Council. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania opposed this decision. The latter “congratulated” the aggressor country with a well-aimed joke.
  • Hungary ended up on the Russian list of “unfriendly” countries. This is because Budapest has joined the anti-Russian sanctions because of the war in Ukraine.
  • Putin is looking for support in North Korea, in particular, asking for weapons in exchange for food. North Korea is unlikely to refuse.

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