What is the difference between the Ukrainian army and the Russian occupiers


В what is the difference between the Ukrainian army and the Russian occupiers

Russians do not take into account the losses/Social networks

bad news for you. Well, how bad? Return from the land of dreams and illusions to reality.

You see, what we managed near Kiev and around Kharkov does not mean that we broke the back of the occupier. Absolutely. For they still have a lot of resources and reserves to bleed our troops in the JFO zone and in the south.

The difference between our armies is that the occupiers don't count on losses, but we do. Also, there are actually a lot of them. And there is a lot of equipment.

The harsh truth of war

Everything that is now in some areas is supported solely by the heroism of our soldiers and on the verge of … On the verge of human stamina, on the verge of a resource technology.

There are simply sections of the front where the buildings are level with the ground and there is simply nothing to hold on to. This is what it is today. There is equipment that fails or is affected. There are wounded and dead. There are people who do not have sleep and food for weeks.

It's just something to understand. And you have to be mentally prepared that a war with superior enemy forces is not a show from speakers and talking heads. It is blood, sweat, exhaustion, loss. Yes, we try to share positive news. Not because we want to sleep you. But because the psyche of each of us has a resource of strength.

We've been in this for over 8 years. We are a little more tempered mentally. But war is something none of us was ready for. Moreover, such a barbaric war. For destruction. No rules. Without humanity.

You need to get used to it

It takes a little time. We are all given this time by the guys at the forefront. But they also need rest. And they need new technology. New weapon. Units need recovery and reserves. And this must be understood. No fanfare. There are no solid wins. There is heroic resistance on the verge of human resources. There is a limit to the resource of equipment and weapons.

And all decisions made and made by the military leadership are made taking into account all, absolutely all information. Nobody is silent. It's impossible. For Zaluzhny and his team have hundreds of channels of information. But we must understand and be prepared that war is not so simple. Not everything is so victorious and bravura.

Very difficult times await us all. They will. For we are repelling the invasion of the army, which kept the whole world in fear until recently. So let's keep in line. We're fighting. And help our defenders.

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