What kind of help Ukraine can count on after “Ramstein”: political strategist's guess


What kind of help Ukraine can expect after Rammstein: a political strategist's assumption

After the start of Russia's missile terror, Western countries may increase the supply of air defense equipment to Ukraine. At the same time, the Armed Forces of Ukraine can count on new types of weapons.

All subsequent deliveries will allow Ukraine to effectively defend itself against the barbaric rocket attacks of the occupiers. Political strategist Mikhail Sheitelman told channel 24 about this.

The expert noted that after the start of Russia's missile terror, Ukraine can certainly count on new military assistance from Western countries.

< p class="bloquote cke-markup">Zelensky spoke to the G7 with a program of what we need and how we can do a “upgrade” of military assistance. He made very specific proposals. He listed what types of air defenses are needed and so on. Modern systems are next in line, as announced in the US and Britain. With air defense, there are no questions that Ukraine will receive them, but I want another,” the political consultant explained.

According to him, it is important for Ukraine today to get aviation, in particular the F-15 and F-16 aircraft.

“We have a new argument for providing such aviation – our pilots are already being trained on them, for which they allocated $ 100 million. The F-15 is a interceptor fighter. If we had F -15 – then, perhaps, there would be no casualties. The main task of the F-15 is to intercept missiles. This is what our MiGs can do less effectively,” Sheitelman added.

What ” surprise” is being prepared for “Rammstein”: watch the video

In his opinion, this is a strong argument for Ukraine to be able to defend itself against future Russian missile attacks.

“F-15s are needed not to bomb Moscow, but to defend themselves from the barbaric rocket attacks on our territory. The time has come for such a decision. If our pilots are ready, then the planes are also ready. F-15s do not need to be built – they are in the US hangars about 1000 pieces, which you can just start delivering,” Sheitelman concluded.

Military assistance to Ukraine: recent developments

  • The contact group for the defense of Ukraine in Ramstein will meet on October 12. More than 50 countries will continue to help Ukraine in the war against Russia.
  • At the same time, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky told the G7 countries how Russia is perpetrating terror in Europe. The President recalled that the Kremlin is an enemy not only to Ukraine, but also to the G7 countries.
  • In addition, the United States plans to send NASAMS to our state as soon as possible.

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