What spontaneous sync looks like

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What spontaneous sync looks like

A video that shows a phenomenon physically correct, but intuitively incredible.

This is not a video editing with special effects, but a demonstration of the unusual behavior of five metronomes.

What spontaneous sync looks like

This video has already gained several million views, and there will only be more. First, we advise you to watch it (it is short) and think. And then the MAXIM editors will try to explain what is happening.

The clue to the mystical behavior of metronomes, obviously, lies not in themselves, but in the platform on which they are installed.

The fact is that the platform is slightly mobile: the two banks at the bottom receive vibrations from the upper system and begin to vibrate themselves, transmitting the impulse back. The greatest momentum occurs when most of the arrows tilt to one side. After that, a positive feedback arises in the system.

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