“What the hell are we waiting for”: Boris Johnson powerfully called for weapons to be provided to Ukraine


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The event should help Ukraine defeat Russia this year, not next or later. The Ukrainians need hundreds of tanks, and they should get them from the Poles, Germans, Americans and many others.

Boris Johnson wrote a column for the British edition of the Daily Maail, where he shared his impressions after what he saw in the suburbs of Kyiv: in Bucha and Borodianka. He called for a walk with him around the Kiev region in order to comprehend the courage of the Ukrainians and hand over the necessary weapons immediately to end Putin's agony.

Come with me to the courtyard in Bucha, past the shelled church of St. Andrew. Stand over the graves of 416 residents of this city – 9 of them – children – who were shot by the Russians. Look at the photographs of their bodies, with their hands tied behind their backs, left in the street to rot or be eaten by dogs,” Boris Johnson began.

He remembered the blackened remains of an apartment building in Borodyanka, which was destroyed by a 500-kilogram aerial bomb. The politician offered to look into the eyes of the people who pulled 162 bodies of those killed in the house out of the rubble.

“Look at these brave Ukrainians and answer my question: what the hell are we waiting for?” Boris Johnson asked rhetorically.

Boris Johnson visited Bucha and Borodyanka on January 22/Photo Office of the President

Putin continues to terrorize civilians

He explained that what happened in the suburbs of Kyiv is terrifying. But it still happens in other villages that are under Russian occupation: torture, rape, massacres. And all this is only part of the crimes that Putin commits in the other part of the country – destroying villages with hundreds of bombs and rockets.

He has no restraint. He has no shame. He has long rejected any respect for the laws of war – and more innocent, brave Ukrainian soldiers are dying every day. And more and more young Russians are falling into the jaws of Putin's meat grinder,” Boris Johnson emphasized.

He again asked the question:what could be the reason for delay?And why the West cannot provide all the necessary help now when Ukrainians need it.

There is no doubt that Ukraine will win the war

Boris Johnson expressed his confidence that Ukraine is winning and winning this war. For the hearts of Ukrainians are full of determination, which is tempered every day.

Drive through the outskirts of Kyiv, and you will see how fiercely they fought to protect their homes, and how much Putin did not know your enemy. You will see countless buildings riddled with fire from Russian tanks,” he added.

He described the trenches and burrows in the forest, camouflaged with rags, from which the Ukrainians fearlessly ambushed Russian tanks. This is how the Ukrainians defeated what should be the most powerful army in the world.

A war for independence always ends in victory

According to Johnson, how the Ukrainians drove the Russian troops out of Kyiv will go down in the history of the great feats of our time. He added that the Armed Forces repeated this in Kharkiv and Kherson.

Ukraine can and will drive Putin across the country. This is a war of independence, and history teaches us that wars of independence only end one way. The only question is time,” Boris Johnson said.

So, the sooner the West helps Ukrainians achieve their inevitable victory, the sooner the suffering will end and “the sooner the world, including Russia, will begin to recover from Putin’s catastrophe” .

He emphasized that this requires the West, from all allies of Ukraine.to double or triple support.

Boris Johnson also met with Zelensky in Kyiv/Photo Office of the President

Johnson said that Putin's troops are demoralized: they lack ammunition; the Russian army is made up of “just arrived convicts” or frightened members of ethnic minorities who were taken from the most remote corners of Russia.

However, despite Putin's extravagance and recklessness, he still has a huge population reserve, has the right to draft, he has demonstrated a complete disregard for the value of human life.

Why Ukraine needs weapons and tanks

Boris Johnson noted that now Putin is preparing a counterstrike. Even though the Ukrainians see it coming, they need help at this crucial juncture. It's about the return of the land bridge.

This is the strip of occupied land that stretches from Donbass to Crimea and blocks Ukraine's access to the Sea of ​​Azov. If the Ukrainians can return this land bridge or drive through it and cut it in half, the Ukrainians have won. For Putin, the game is over,” Johnson stressed.

He also believes that “the West has everything Ukrainians need for this.” And so far there is no higher moral or strategic goals than to help Ukraine.

The politician noted that Ukrainians need “deep fire” – long-range artillery, which can hit Putin's positions from afar. For the Defense Forces can see what Putney is doing on their soil.

“They can recognize his command centers and ammunition depots. However, unfortunately, they cannot hit these targets with existing systems,” Johnson added.< /p>

Ukraine needs planes to strike these positions from the air, and they need armored vehicles and tanks to recapture and hold the land that was taken from them.

< p>Johnson believes that the Ukrainians need hundreds of tanks, and they should get them from the Americans, Germans, Poles and many others.

The politician asked ironically: “Where is the West going to place these tanks? To guard North Rhine-Westphalia? To defend Tennessee? To walk through the villages of Wiltshire?”

The same, as the politician clarified, can be said about every type of weapon that could help Ukraine end this agony.

Boris Johnson against the backdrop of a high-rise building shelled by Russians in the Kyiv region/Photo Office of the President

Putin doomed himself: the West should not be afraid to help Ukraine

Boris Johnson also refused to accept arguments like “escalation” or the risk that in this way the West something will provoke Putin. After all, why should the West be afraid to provoke Putin if he has already shown what he is capable of without the slightest provocation?

How can the situation “escalate” when Putin has already reached such a degree of barbarity that he systematically destroys the houses of civilians to ashes, Boris Johnson asked.

The politician also rejected the option of “nuclear blackmail”. Like, if Putin is so crazy as to use nuclear weapons, he will instantly lose any support from the representatives of Africa, the Middle East, Asia – who are already ready to refuse him.

Moreover, according to Boris, Putin in this case loses to the Chinese. “He will become a global pariah and plunge Russia into such a state of economic alienation that the current sanctions will look lenient.”

Above all, he would lose the Russian people, who were scared such a step. And even that wouldn't work. This would not stop the Ukrainians in their struggle, Boris Johnson emphasized.

The only motive that Putin pursues, according to Boris, is to make his war look like a confrontation between NATO and Russia.

“It's not like that. This is a brutal and unprovoked attack on a European country, and all the friends of Ukraine do is help it defend itself,” the politician explained.

We can't to blame for the geostrategic catastrophe that Putin has condemned himself to. With his violence and aggression, he not only managed to force Finland and Sweden to join NATO, he destroyed any arguments against the membership of Ukrainians themselves in NATO.

Caution and delay have already led to war

Remembering NATO, Boris Johnson noted that delay has already been played against the West. After all, if Ukraine had been under the protection of NATO, the bloodiest war in 80 years could have been avoided. – the bloodiest war in Europe in 80 years. Only now it has become clear what was not obvious before Putin's invasion – Ukraine must join NATO, – Boris Johnson emphasized.

The politician believes that the Ukrainians are fighting for the Georgians, for the Moldovans, for the Baltic countries, for the Poles – for everyone who in due time may be threatened by Putin's insane revanchism and neo-imperialism.

Therefore, he urged to help Ukraine win not next year, or later, but this year, in 2023.

He also rejected talk of spending. For if the West wants to minimize global economic losses, “this tragedy cannot be allowed to continue.”

“Let's do the obvious thing together: give the Ukrainians everything they need to win,” Boris Johnson summed up.


Important! Ukraine urgently needs modern tanks, in particular, Leopard 2. And a number of countries agree to provide them to our military. However, Germany blocked the transfer of tanks. Discussions are ongoing regarding the decision.

The European Union called on Germany to allow the transfer of German Leopard tanks to Ukraine. Berlin warns that Russia could win the war if a decision is not made soon.

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