What to do when mobilized into the enemy army: advice from the government


What to do when mobilized into the enemy army: advice from the government

Russian occupiers are massively driving the inhabitants of the occupied territories of Ukraine into their army. Anyone who has become a victim or witness of the illegal actions of the aggressor can contact the National Information Bureau.

Ukraine guarantees absolute confidentiality for all citizens who report illegal “mobilization”. Alexander Smirnov, head of the National Information Bureau, assured this.

We continue to collect data on the forced mobilization of residents HERE. If you have witnessed or been a victim of the illegal actions of the enemy, do not hesitate to report it. The requests we receive are not public. We maintain the privacy of each person,” Smirnov emphasized.

At the same time, he added that residents of the occupied territories who voluntarily join the Russian army will be severely punished in accordance with the law of Ukraine.

Where to contact in case of illegal mobilization: Bureau hotline – 1648; phone number for calls from abroad – +38 (044) -287-81-65; chat bot in Viber; chat bot in Telegram.

How not to get into the enemy army

  • Avoid personally receiving a summons and calls from “military enlistment offices”.
  • If the occupiers have your phone number , change it or stop using it temporarily.
  • Change your place of residence, and best of all, evacuate.
  • If the occupiers have found you, then provide evidence why you cannot fight: religious beliefs , illness, etc.

What to do if you are mobilized

  • Ignore the orders of the occupiers. If you follow them, you will become an accomplice in war crimes. Punishment is provided for them even if the mobilization was forced.
  • Surrender yourself to the Ukrainian military at the earliest opportunity and report that you were forcibly mobilized.

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