What weapons are lacking in the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Stupak said that he could make the Russians helpless


Which weapon the Armed Forces lack: Stupak said he could make the Russians helpless

France, the USA and Germany in one way or another moved the matter of transferring tanks to Ukraine. In the next aid package, certain types of missiles should be provided.

This was reported onChannel 24 by former SBU employee, expert of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future Ivan Stupak. In his opinion, first of all, Ukraine needs the AGM-88 HARM missile.

“In my opinion, these are primarily missiles that allow hitting Russian radar systems,” the expert explained.

According to a former SBU officer, if the Russians do not have radar, they will not have “eyes” on land, see Ukrainian drones, aviation and become helpless.

“There will be no air defense – our aviation will fly to” mother-in-law “pancakes” in Melitopol and return back,” the expert is sure.

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We need cruise missiles

Ivan Stupak also believes that Western partners should provide Ukraine with cruise missiles with a range of 150 kilometers. They are an intermediate option between long-range ATACMS and 70 km missiles that Ukraine currently has.

Such missiles can fly around mountains. Imagine big Donetsk waste heaps behind which Russians are hiding. These missiles can fly in from the other side and surprise them,” said an expert from the Ukrainian Institute for the Future.

According to a former SBU officer, we would also like to receive more aviation from Western partners. But this issue is considered in more detail, then relegated to the background. They promised to help with aviation at the next Ramstein.

Arms transfer to Ukraine: important news

  • Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles said that Madrid is open to providing Ukraine with German-made Leopard 2 tanks after Germany agreed to send the tanks. Ukraine can count on several dozen vehicles.
  • In total, after the talks of defense ministers at the Ramstein-8 meeting, 12 countries agreed that they would transfer about 100 Leopard tanks to Ukraine.
  • US President on the evening of 25 January will make a statement on military assistance to Ukraine. According to media reports, the new package may include 31 M1 Abrams tanks.
  • Against the background of the transfer of tanks to Ukraine, Leopard 2 excluded the supply of fighters. Also, the country will not attract fighters in the war in Ukraine.

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