What will happen after the Armed Forces of Ukraine enter the borders of 1991: Zhdanov predicted 2 scenarios


What will happen after the Armed Forces reach the borders of 1991: Zhdanov predicted 2 scenarios

Thanks to the strength and courage of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the resilience of Ukrainians and international support, Ukraine will definitely expel the enemy from its land and return all the occupied territories . And then the question arises of how to protect the Ukrainian borders from invaders.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov spoke about this in his stream, Channel 24 reports. According to him, if Ukraine goes to the borders of 1991, and Russia does not admit defeat and continues to resist, then we find ourselves in the same situation that Israel is in today.

Ukraine can apply international mechanisms

He noted that then there would be a frozen conflict of low intensity. It will be accompanied by armed provocations at the border and exchanges of fire strikes using various means.

Zhdanov noted that then there could be two scenarios for the unfolding of events:

    weapons, missile for missile, artillery for artillery;
  • Ukraine can apply various international mechanisms.

For example, contact the UN. Its Charter states that we, as full members of the organization, have the right to demand the deployment of a peacekeeping mission of an armed contingent of UN troops on our border, he stressed.

The expert believes that the UN should approve the peacekeeping operation. There are six types in total and one of them is according to the “Separation of the opposing sides”.

“Then the UN troops will stand on the border with Russia, and any shot from its side will mean that it is a shot in the direction of the UN. And this entails huge sanctions. This is a variant of Northern Cyprus, when the UN military will stand on the border,” — he emphasized. he.

What will happen on the border with Russia after the victory of Ukraine: watch the video

Oxygen will be cut off for Russia “

“Also, an international contingent of countries guarantors of Ukraine's security can be attracted to the border with Russia, which will create something like a military mission,” Zhdanov stressed.

He suggested that the G7 countries could create such a contingent. And then, if shots are fired from the aggressor country in Ukraine, Russia will face a war with this coalition.

In his opinion, this coalition can impose sanctions against Russia. For example, in case of violation of the agreements, Moscow, relatively speaking, can “cut off oxygen” in some areas that are very painful for it.

Ukraine demands to exclude Russia from UN in Brief

  • Ukrainians have created a petition to end the biggest deception in the history of international politics. It refers to the exclusion of Russia from the UN.
  • Ukraine will seek the exclusion of Russia from the UN Security Council. However, from a practical point of view, this is a rather complicated process with little chance of success.
  • The diplomatic struggle against Russia will continue in 2023. Ukraine will try to exclude Russia from the UN Security Council. The aggressor country has nothing to do there.

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