What Xi Jinping brought to Putin: the political strategist said which option is the worst for Ukraine


What Xi Jinping brought to Putin: the political strategist said which option is the worst for Ukraine

China is trying to delve into the Russian-Ukrainian issue in order to establish itself as an international political leader. Xi Jinping cannot stay out of the war because his main competitor, that is, the United States, has already actively demonstrated its position.

Political strategist Boris Tizenhausen told Channel 24 about this. According to him, two scenarios can be expected from China after the visit to Moscow.

What should Ukraine be afraid of

Boris Tizenhausen stressed that only a year later, China decided to actively participate in ending the war between Russia and Ukraine. The Chinese authorities did this by releasing a kind of resolution to the conflict between the countries on the anniversary of the full-scale invasion.

“The 'peace plan' itself is in the style of Eastern diplomacy. There is no specifics, no answer to the question: 'Where should Russia withdraw its troops from and should it withdraw them at all?'” he noted.

In his opinion, China notes a specific point for Russian President Vladimir Putin to prevent the use of nuclear weapons. However, the final agreements will most likely be discussed during behind-the-scenes communication.

The worst option for us is fixing on the border where hostilities are taking place now, and recognizing for Russia those territories that it has occupied,” the political strategist emphasized.

However, Ukraine, of course, will never agree to this.

Boris Tizenhausen told how Xi Jinping's visit to Russia could end for Ukraine: watch the video

Why China wants to be a peacemaker

Boris Tizenhausen is convinced that Xi Jinping's video call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky after the conversation with Putin will also be extremely important.

Of course, I would like to understand what will be announced there, but again, Ukraine has quite clearly defined its priorities and its desires – the complete withdrawal of Russian troops from the occupied Ukrainian territories. And here it is also said about Crimea,” he added.

According to him, China is trying to somehow participate in the Russian-Ukrainian issue for a reason.

“You cannot be on the side of the global agenda if you are claiming world leadership. The second world leader with whom China competes, the United States is already actively involved in this process,” the political strategist explained.

He said that Xi Jinping has been in power for five years, so he will do everything possible to use the current situation to resolve his Taiwan issue.

two camps

The political strategist said that the Chinese president left for Russia because the battle of two hegemons for leadership suggests the existence of two camps.

One of them is American, including the United States itself, civilized Europe and countries that have joined the international sanctions against Russia. All of them stand for collective assistance to Ukraine.

If you are fighting with the United States, competing, then you cannot be in the same camp with them – the logic is clear, – Boris Tizenhausen emphasized.

In his opinion, especially since there are a number of painful issues between the United States and China.

The political strategist is convinced that countries periodically experience aggravation, then improvement of relations.

China will offer two options

In his opinion, now China enters the international political arena exclusively with new proposals for its own benefit.

Nobody will even ask Putin. He will most likely be offered alternative solutions, but in each of them Russia will have to give in, he is convinced.

Boris Tizenhausen explained that China is well aware that neither Ukraine nor the collective event will agree to give Russia the illegally seized Ukrainian territories.

According to him, Xi Jinping will have two options for resolving the conflict.

“This is either again the programming language respects the sovereignties of both countries, that is, it will simply say these 12 points, or some specifics,” he stressed.

The political strategist noted that no one would immediately offer specific prescribed solutions, because for this it is necessary to comprehend the information.

So, one should not believe in the significance of the Chinese leader's appeal.

Negotiations between Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin: analysts' opinion

  • Military expert Yuri Fedorov noted that Beijing wants to act as a mediator who will successfully end Russia's war against Ukraine With this desire, Xi Jinping flew to Moscow, this is the main task of the visit. Everything else doesn't really matter.
  • Political psychologist Valentin Kim has suggested that the arrest warrant for Putin from the International Criminal Court in The Hague weakens the position of the Russian dictator. According to him, Xi Jinping's visit to Vladimir Putin as a recognized political figure is one visit. And to the criminal whom they are trying to bring to justice, this visit is already very different.
  • Political expert Valery Klochok noted that Xi and Putin may discuss China's peace plan. He suggested that Putin is preparing for a so-called “soft defeat” aimed at ending the active phase of hostilities, but not the war. So the dictator can sell it as a victory in the war against Ukraine.

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