WhatsApp users warned of blocking threat

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WhatsApp users warned of blocking threat

WhatsApp users warned of blocking threat

Experts have found a vulnerability that allows attackers to block the accounts of users of the WhatsApp messenger, NSN reports, citing foreign media outlets.

It is noted that attackers take advantage of the application's “weak points”, such as linking an account to a phone number and the ability to restrict access to the messenger by contacting the service support service. So, when requesting a confirmation code, scammers enter incorrect combinations of numbers and ask for new ones until WhatsApp blocks the ability to reset the code for 12 hours. Then they send a request to the support of the service to block the victim's account, allegedly due to the loss of the phone.

According to experts, the company does not check such requests and processes them automatically. However, blocked users can try to regain access after 12 hours if the fraudsters do not start the same procedure again.

How fraudsters can monetize this bug, experts do not know. However, they are confident that WhatsApp should quickly fix this problem.

Earlier it was reported that a new type of fraud has appeared in WhatsApp for the purpose of hacking accounts. So, first, scammers send a potential victim an SMS with a code. Then, under the guise of one of the acquaintances from the contact list, they send a message with a request to send the code, explaining that it was allegedly sent by mistake. Using SMS verification code, hackers break into an account.

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