When and under what conditions is a summons to be sent to the army handed over?


When and under what conditions is a summons to be sent to the army handed over?

Summons are of two types: for clarifying credentials and sending to the service. Receiving this document does not mean immediate and mandatory entry into the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Colonel Oleksandr Konovalov, head of the recruiting sector of the Kiev City TCC and Joint Venture, told about this. Read more in the material 24 Channel .

Receiving a summons does not mean immediate dispatch to the front

The colonel explained that there are 2 types of summonses – for clarifying military credentials and for sending to the army as part of a team. Therefore, if a citizen of draft age was handed a summons, this does not mean that he should immediately join the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Why else can they be called to the military registration and enlistment office:

  • To verify credentials,
  • passing a medical examination,
  • conducting professional psychological selection, etc.

Sending to the service is carried out only in the case when the person liable for military service was recognized as fit for all criteria. Then he was handed a summons to be sent to the army.

Those mobilized who have not completed military service are sent to training centers. As a result of a large-scale war, the training of privates and sergeants is carried out without compromising the quality of training, Konovalov noted.

They brought the summons, and the man is abroad: what to do

  • Lawyer Nadezhda Grishchenko explained that representatives of the TCC and the joint venture must personally hand over the summons to the person liable for military service. If a person is abroad, then no one should receive a document instead of him.
  • Such actions will be considered illegal. The fact is that after reading the summons, the citizen to whom it is handed must sign. It is he who will confirm receipt.
  • Therefore, if a person is currently out of the country, it is physically impossible for them to sign. That is, the agenda cannot be transmitted through family members or friends.

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