When can a military ID be introduced in Diya


When military ID can be introduced in Diya

Military registration of Ukrainians will go through the Unified State Register of conscripts, conscripts and reservists. And in Diya, a new service should soon appear – an electronic military ID.

The Ministry of Digital Affairs commented onChannel 24the innovation and the government decree itself.

You can submit information about yourself to the territorial centers of recruitment and social support (TCC and SP, these are former military commissariats) on your own initiative through the Diya application, according to the declaration of residence. This applies to both primary information and updates.

But don't worry. Neither this ordinance, nor any other, provides for the receipt of subpoenas through Diya. There are no such tasks in our work plan yet, the Ministry of Digital Development assured.

Pay attention! If a person subject to military registration has moved, he must report within 7 days this through the administrative service centers or through the Action. She can also contact recruiting centers directly.

Nowsuch functions do not yet work in action.

The deadlines for the start of the work of the new Diya functionality are not specified in the resolution. It only notes that the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine should determine and establish “the mechanism and requirements for the technical description of the electronic information exchange service between the Action portal and the Unified State Register of conscripts, conscripts and reservists.”

As for the military ID. Most public services and services almost always provide for the possibility of their implementation online in Dia.

The war has shown that the availability of digital services for citizens is one of the priority decisions. It is too early to say how they will implement and how the service will work. Many more points need to be finalized together with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the Ministry of Digital Development added.

Important. Full text of the material Will Ukrainians be served subpoenas abroad: what you need to know about the new rules of the military accounting – read the link.

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