When I heard about sanctions from the EU: in Belarus, a man drove a car recycled from a walk-behind tractor


When I heard about the sanctions from the EU: in Belarus, a man drove a car recycled from a walk-behind tractor

A miracle machine was spotted in the Belarusian city of Orsha. The man made himself a car from a walk-behind tractor and decided to turn off the surprising technology around the city.

A miracle of technology on Belarusian roads was noticed on Saturday, January 21st. Behind this “invention” looks like a car, but the front is completely different.

Let the world envy technology

Obviously, suspecting the tightening of sanctions in Belarus, they began to create analogues of imported cars, the basis for which was an ordinary walk-behind tractor. People on the streets were amazed by what they saw, so they started filming everything on their phones. One of the videos got into the network.

In Orsha, a man drove a hybrid of a car and a walk-behind tractor: watch the video

The EU wants to synchronize sanctions against Russia and Belarus

Despite the role in Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the EU takes the position of distinguishing between the aggressor and the country that supports it, so the sanctions against Russia and Belarus are not synchronized. However, against the backdrop of the threat of a full-fledged entry of Belarus into the war, the European Commission is holding consultations on synchronizing them.

So far, Germany and several other EU countries are against it. According to media sources, the European Union is discussing the introduction of a complete embargo on weapons and dual-use goods. The reason is simple, logical and urgent – Belarus imports conditional medical equipment from the EU, and then it can be sent to a drone manufacturing plant. Brossel is also discussing a ban on exports from the EU to Belarus of electronics, household appliances or luxury goods. After all, Russians can buy goods imported from the EU in Belarus.

Sources of the publication claim that sanctions against Belarusian banks will definitely be imposed, because Russians travel to Belarus to withdraw money from their cards.

Brossel also discusses sanctions against the furniture sector and a ban on the import of alcohol and tobacco products from Belarus.

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