When lend-lease begins, the volume of arms supplies will change significantly, – military observer


When Lend-Lease begins, the volume of arms supplies will change significantly, – military observer

Lend-Lease is a rather serious strategic mechanism that gives Ukraine a chance to rearm. Moreover, it can be expected that the pace and volume of deliveries will increase significantly.

In general, Lend-Lease is expected to be operational from October 2022. However, there may be certain delays. Despite this, when it starts, the situation will change. Oleksandr Kovalenko, military-political observer of the Information Resistance group, said this on channel 24.

According to him, Lend-Lease differs from military aid packages in two ways:

  • the volume of weapons that will be provided to us;
  • the ways of its transfer, namely by sea to Europe, and then to Ukraine.

“That is, the resource of military transport ships of the US Navy will be used. These are large volumes. The number of weapons after the lend-lease begins will be much larger,” the specialist emphasized.

How Lend-Lease will affect the supply of weapons: watch the video

Ukraine received Lend-Lease: what does it mean

  • On May 9, Joe Biden signed the Lend law -lize for Ukraine. According to the program, the United States will be able to supply Ukraine with weapons, transport and food under a simplified procedure.
  • The topic of lend-lease causes a lot of controversy. In particular, information about the specific amounts and types of weapons that can be supplied under this program remains unknown. Moreover, the issue of providing grant assistance instead of lend-lease is being discussed, because today Ukraine is in conditions of economic stagnation.
  • According to military expert Oleg Zhdanov, factories in the United States are already working in three shifts to provide us with the necessary weapons .

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