When the first Leopard 2 arrives in Ukraine: Pistorius announced a “change in the rules of the game”


When the first Leopard 2 arrives in Ukraine: Pistorius announced a

Germany has made a fateful decision to hand over Leopard 2 to Ukraine. Boris Pistorius, German Defense Minister, replied, when the first tanks arrive.

Pistorius said that Ukrainian defenders will be trained on Leopard 2 tanks very soon. Leopard 2 will arrive in Ukraine in 3 months. Pistorius called this a historic decision.

This is a potentially important “game changer” in this war or at this stage of the war, the Minister of Defense emphasized.

The first Leopard battalion, which Ukraine will receive, will include relatively new tanks in the warehouse of the Bundeswehr.

At the second stage, the second battalion will be formed from old tanks. The Minister of Defense stressed that a little more time is needed for this.

Zelensky thanked Germany

Vladimir Zelensky had a telephone conversation with Olaf Scholz on January 25. The Ukrainian leader thanked the German chancellor for the important and timely decisions.

“German main battle tanks, further expansion of defense support and training missions, green light for partners to supply similar weapons. I just heard about these in a conversation with Scholz important and timely decisions,” Zelensky said.

The main characteristics of Leopard tanks/Channel 24 Infographics

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