When the US can announce the transfer of long-range missiles to Ukraine: the WSJ made deadlines


When the US can announce the transfer of long-range missiles to Ukraine: the WSJ allowed the deadline

The United States is likely to announce a new aid package for Ukraine on February 3rd. It could include longer-range smart missiles.

This was reported to The Washington Post by people familiar with the matter. The new “smart” weapon is the GLSDB ground bomb. It combines a GBU-39 small-diameter aerial bomb with an M26 rocket engine.

The United States may transfer GLSDB to Ukraine

The GLSDB cruise bombs, which may be in an aid package to be announced on Feb. 3, have a range of 150 km. The United States has not yet provided the APU with missiles of this range.

The expected delivery of longer-range weapons comes at a time when the US and European allies have begun providing Ukraine with modern battle tanks and other advanced weaponry ahead of an expected Russian offensive. The United States has pledged more than $27 billion in military assistance to our nation.

GLSDB can be launched from missile launchers, such as the HIMARS system already being shipped to Ukraine. The bomb is equipped with wings that allow it to fly towards the target, and a rocket engine that provides additional range.

This allows it to be accurately aimed at the target, as if launched from an aircraft, without risk to the military and at a lower cost. GLSDB also has advanced tracking systems that make it more accurate. The declared accuracy is up to the width of the tire.

GLSDB will be supplied as part of the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, which finances the acquisition or creation of new weapons and systems, and not their removal from US arsenals. Such weapons usually take longer to deliver weapons and equipment from existing US stocks.

The US may provide longer-range missiles to Ukraine

According to Reuters sources, the US may announce a large-scale military package this week almost $2 billion in aid to Ukraine. The military assistance will include support equipment for Patriot air defense systems, precision-guided munitions and Javelin anti-tank weapons.

Reporters' sources noted that the US has rejected Ukraine's request for ATACMS missiles with a range of up to 297 kilometers. However, Washington could agree on the provision of GLSDB cruise bombs, which will allow the Ukrainian military to beat on the rear positions of the enemy. In particular, the defenders will be able to prolong counterattacks, interfering with Russia in the rear of the occupied territories.

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