Where can men with limited service in wartime serve?


Where men with limited military service may serve

Martial law is underway in Ukraine. Therefore, the mobilization of people who are now needed by our army at the front continues.

General mobilization implies that men from 18 to 60 years old will be called up for service. The law also says that there are categories of citizens who, for various reasons, are exempt from military service, but are subject to mobilization with certain restrictions.

Categories of such persons

In Ukraine, there are three categories of these people:

  • limited fit for military service;
  • unfit for military service in peacetime, limited fit in wartime;
  • unfit for military service with an exception from military registration.

At the same time, they are not subject to mobilization only persons of the third category who are unfit for military service with an exception from military registration. They may also cross the border during general mobilization in wartime.

Those who are limitedly fit for military service and unfit for military service in peacetime, but limitedly fit in wartime, cannot serve in the landing troops and marines. Instead, they can work at the headquarters. They can also serve in educational institutions, supply units, military commissariats, institutions, organizations.

Mobilization in Ukraine

  • In Ukraine do not mobilize people with disabilities into the army. But such people can voluntarily join the Armed Forces. According to the laws of Ukraine, people with disabilities are not subject to conscription.
  • Quite a few men were abroad at the time of the invasion and decided not to return. So far, there is no responsibility for the fact that the man decided not to return from abroad. And all because it directly contradicts the Constitution of Ukraine.
  • From October 1, 2022, the military registration of women will start. At the same time, female students cannot be forcibly mobilized, because if there is no diploma, there is no specialty. If a woman graduates for the second time, then she may have a delay for the period of study.

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