Where did Agatha Christie disappear in 1926?

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Where did Agatha Christie disappear in 1926?

On 3 December 1926, English writer Agatha Christie mysteriously disappeared from her home in Berkshire. What happened and why they could not find her for almost two weeks – in the material of “Rambler”.

In 1996, a series of terrible events happened in the life of Agatha Christie: her mother died, her husband confessed that he loved another. All this led to the fact that on the evening of December 3, the writer kissed her daughter, got into her car and drove off in an unknown direction. For 11 long days, no one had any idea where she was and what had happened to her.

Since at that time Agatha Christie was already quite well-known, more than a thousand police officers and about 15 thousand volunteers worried about the disappearance were thrown in search of her. Two famous writers Arthur Conan Doyle and Dorothy L. Sayers also joined the search parties.

First of all, the police officers were able to locate Christie's car, in which she left that day. It was parked near the Newlands Corner Game Reserve in Surrey. But the writer herself was not there.

Then a few days did not bring any results, and the journalists at the same time began to speculate about what happened to Christie. Many assumed that the writer was no longer alive. By the beginning of the second week of the search, news of Agatha's disappearance had spread throughout the world. Even the New York Times made headlines about the disappearance.

Agatha Christie was found only after 11 days of searching, on December 14, at a hotel in Harrogate, a city in North Yorkshire, which is located 400 kilometers from the place where her car was found. During a conversation with the police, Agatha Christie claimed that she did not remember how she ended up so far from home. And then everyone around began to build their own versions of what happened. Some believed that the writer lost her memory as a result of a car accident, others assumed that she had a rare mental disorder, which is characterized by a spontaneous move to an unfamiliar place, after which the person completely forgets all information about herself, right down to her name.

So to this day, no one knows what happened that evening in 1926 with Agatha Christie. The queen of detectives left everyone with a riddle that no one could solve.

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