Where is Kosovo located: show on the map


Where is Kosovo located: show on map

Where is Kosovo/AR

On the evening of July 31, the attention of the whole world was riveted on the conflict that broke out between Serbia and the partially recognized country of Kosovo. It could lead to a new war on the Balkan Peninsula.


Where Kosovo is located and what almost led to an armed confrontation – 24 channel tells.

< h3>What is known about Kosovo

It is a geographical region on the Balkan Peninsula bordering Montenegro, Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia. It is Serbia that considers the region to be its part. In 1974, the autonomy of the region was expanded. Despite the fact that the region was the territory of Serbia, the majority of the population were and are Albanians.

About numerous ethnic conflicts, in particular after the collapse of Yugoslavia, as well as how Kosovo came under NATO control , and then the UN – read the link.

In 2008, Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia. More than 100 countries have recognized it. The country is a potential candidate for membership in the European Union. However, Serbia does not recognize the independence of Kosovo and considers it its own territory. Among the countries that have not recognized Kosovo is Ukraine, but since 2020 it will recognize the passports of this country.

The area of ​​Kosovo is 10,887 square kilometers, the population is almost 2.2 million people.

< p>Where is Kosovo located: map

Which countries do not recognize Kosovo and what does Russia have to do with it

A total of 83 UN countries do not recognize the independence of Kosovo, of which 5 are EU member states (Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Slovakia and Romania), as well as Russia.

Each of the mentioned European countries has its own motives . Almost all of them face issues of separatism and regional disputes with neighbors. At the same time, Russia is trying to use the Kosovo factor as a historical precedent to justify its own aggressive foreign policy.

What you should know about the conflict between Serbia and Kosovo

Serbia does not recognize the independence of Kosovo and, accordingly, does not recognize its official documents. Therefore, the authorities of the partially recognized country in June 2022 announced the same step. According to the decision taken by Pristina, from August 1, Serbian documents and car signs will not be valid on the territory of Kosovo.

It would seem quite logical, a mirror ban. However, Serbia took it very painfully, and the very next day, the representative of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party, Vladimir Djukanovic, in the spirit of Russian propaganda, announced the “denazification” of Kosovo. shots were heard. Sirens sounded in the Serbian town of Novy Pazar.

At the same time, NATO international forces in Kosovo are carefully monitoring the situation. If the stability of the country is threatened, KFOR will intervene. In the end, the government of Kosovo decided to postpone the decision on Serbian license plates and documents. This happened after the meeting of US Ambassador Jeff Hovenier with Kosovo President Vyosa Osmani and Prime Minister Albin Kurti.

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