Where to donate first of all: the battalion commander of “Freedom” told what is most lacking at the front


Where to donate first of all: the Svoboda battalion commander told what is most missing at the front

Ukrainian soldiers, who daily oppose Russian invaders on the front line, now need global things. In particular, our defenders need something that will effectively destroy the invaders.

This Channel 24 said the commander of the battalion “Freedom” of the National Guard of Ukraine Petro Kuzik. He stressed that aerial reconnaissance is also of great importance in the current war.

What the military needs at the front

Kuzyk said that there is a great need for global things at the front. We are talking, in particular, about drones so that they can patrol. There is also a need for serious drones to detect firing points.

These are thermal imaging sights, radar stations, these are counter-battery systems. This is what the entire army really needs, – the commander of the battalion “Freedom” emphasized.

According to him, insoles in gloves or an extra portion of food are very nice, but this is not something you need to spend money on. And in order to effectively destroy the invaders, we need optics, thermal imaging systems, detection systems and, of course, drones. Indeed, in the current war, aerial reconnaissance is of great importance.

Kuzyk told what the military needs most at the front: watch the video

By the way speaking!Already at the beginning of this spring, the occupiers can launch a new big offensive. Ukrainian intelligence assures that they have enough information to analyze and determine the possible nature of the enemy's actions. Vadim Skibitsky, Deputy Head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, said that Ukraine has something to answer. Our partners are also helping us now and understand the complexity of the situation.

What is the situation at the front now

  • The situation in the Lugansk region is now difficult, but completely under control APU. As Sergei Gaidai said, in the direction of Belogorivka, there is a decrease in the number of attacks by invaders and attempts to attack Ukrainian positions. However, shelling continues – both on artillery and on tanks.
  • The Russian invaders tried to attack the stronghold of our border guards near Bakhmut. However, the Ukrainian soldiers gave a worthy rebuff. So, the border guards destroyed eight invaders. Another 13 invaders were injured.
  • The Russian invaders still do not lose hope of capturing the entire territory of our state and are advancing in vain in different directions. In particular, ISW analysts note that the occupiers recently failed the advance operation in the Zaporozhye region.

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