Where today in the Kyiv region there will be no light: a schedule of shutdowns has been published


Where there will be no light in the Kyiv region today: blackout schedule published

In the Kyiv region on October 21, the power will be temporarily turned off again. To repair equipment, it is necessary to reduce the load on the power grid.

The schedule of rolling power outages in the Kyiv region was published. However, DTEK warned that the schedule may change.

The head of the Kyiv Regional Office Oleksiy Kuleba said that electricity consumption has increased in the region. Therefore, in the Kyiv region, from 9:20, temporary blackouts began. Blackouts will also be introduced in the capital, which will last no more than 4 hours.

Schedule of power outages in the Kyiv region/Screenshot from the DTEK website

Schedule of power outage in Kyiv region/Screenshot from DTEK website

Power will be turned off again in regions

Ukrenergo reported that that due to a sharp increase in the level of electricity consumption, they are forced to re-introduce a temporary controlled limitation of light consumption. In particular, in Kyiv and Kyiv, Chernihiv, Cherkassy, ​​Zhytomyr regions.

It was explained that this would help reduce the load on the networks and give power engineers time to repair equipment damaged by terrorist attacks.

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