Which modern smartphones will definitely never get Android 12

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Which modern smartphones will definitely never get Android 12

About a week ago, Google released Android 12, the latest version of its mobile operating system. Now its official system requirements have also become known.

So, if the device does not satisfy them, then it will not be possible to run a fresh version of the system on it. And the extent to which the new device, in fact, does not play any role, MyDrivers notes.

As for the requirements themselves, they are as follows: at least 6 GB of RAM, a screen resolution higher than FullHD with a density of at least 400 pixels per inch, a continuous read and write speed of at least 250 MB / s and 120 MB / s, and not arbitrary less than 40 MB / s and 10 MB / s, respectively.

At the same time, to run Android 12, a smartphone must have at least one main and front camera with 12 and 4 megapixels, respectively. In this case, the main module must be able to record video in 4K at 30 fps. For the front, it is enough to record FullHD video at 30 fps.

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