Which of those liable for military service can travel abroad and what is needed for this


Which of those liable for military service can travel abroad and what is needed for this

During martial law and general mobilization in Ukraine, men aged 18 to 60 are prohibited from leaving the country. However, some persons liable for military service can still cross the border.

This mainly concerns accompanying persons. Channel 24. Independent departure is possible, but there are many nuances that need to be taken into account. p>

Crossing the border as an escort: what you need to know

Lawyers explain that special conditions for men traveling abroad during martial law are prescribed for those who escort persons with disabilities abroad, their parents or the parents of their wife ( spouse) of persons with disabilities of group I or II, are the guardians of persons with disabilities and accompany them.

As for the independent crossing of the border by men, the exit of Ukrainian male citizens aged 18 to 60 years from Ukraine can be carried out independently without persons with disabilities, children with disabilities in need of constant care, children.

This possibly on the basis of a certificate of the presence of the above categories of persons on consular registration in a foreign state. In addition to such a certificate, it is necessary to have a package of documents (their notarized copies), which the person would take with him in case of accompanying these persons.

Another feature of crossing the border as an escort is that the person liable for military service must return to the country no later than the return of the persons they accompanied to the territory of Ukraine.

That is, you can use a person to cross the border, but also they must return to the territory of Ukraine together.

The following people will be able to travel abroad in 2023:

  • men with disabilities;
  • men having a wife among persons with disabilities;
  • persons who have one of the parents or parents of a wife (spouse) from persons with disabilities of group I or II;
  • parents, guardians, trustees, foster parents, parent-caregivers raising a child with a disability under the age of 18 ;
  • parents who are dependent on an adult child who is a person with a disability of group I or II;
  • men in need of constant care;
  • caregivers of persons with disability, recognized by the court as incompetent.

Other persons liable for military service who are not subject to conscription for military service during mobilization also have the right to cross the state border.

Important! The full list of persons who may be accompanied by persons liable for military service is defined in paragraphs 2.1 and 2.2 of the Crossing Rules state border by citizens of Ukraine.

What documents do men need to cross the border

Lawyers explain that everything depends on the category of those liable for military service. If he is a person with a disability, he must have a certificate confirming the appropriate status, or a pension certificate or a certificate confirming the appointment of social assistance.

If a person liable for military service wants to cross the border as an escort, guardian or trustee, then a package of documents will be different.

Situations vary, but common documents that may be needed are:

  • documents (their notarized copies) confirming family ties (birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.);
  • documents (their notarized copies) confirming disability, cohabitation;
  • certificates of receiving state assistance for a child with severe perinatal lesions of the nervous system, severe congenital malformations, rare orphan diseases, oncological diseases, etc.;
  • documents (certificates, certificates) about receiving compensation (assistance, allowances) for care;
  • conclusions of the medical advisory commission of the health care institution on the need for constant outside care;
  • the act of establishing the fact of care ( this is a new document for crossing the border, this was not the case before. There is a separate procedure for obtaining it).

Please note. Since 2023, Ukrainians who have been abroad for more than 3 months must we become military registered in the state of residence through diplomatic institutions.

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