While most Russians believe Putin, but new defeats and mobilization will change everything – Eidman


For now, most Russians believe Putin, but new defeats and mobilization will change everything, – Eidman

Recent events have seriously undermined Russians' confidence in President Vladimir Putin. Worship of the dictator is no longer as strong as at the beginning of the war with Ukraine.

Igor Eidman, a political scientist and sociologist from Germany, spoke about this Channel 24. According to him, the defeats of the Russian military at the front are important for society.

Do Russians support Putin's policies

Igor Eidman stressed that Russians are a large number of people of different categories, whose opinions differ.

Young people trust the authorities to a lesser extent and support the war, – explained he.

According to him, the older generation and pensioners are more in favor of conducting hostilities on the territory of Ukraine. Indeed, there are people among them who are loyal to the authorities.

“There are more than half of them, although they are not such an insane percentage that Kremlin sociologists draw,” the political scientist emphasized.

These people tend to trust what Russian President Vladimir Putin and other so-called Russian leaders say.

Igor Eidman told how Russians feel about the new wave of mobilization: see video

What Russians believe

Aidman said that Russians are of the opinion that “the chicken pecks grain by grain” and Russia wins the war.

“So far, the bulk of the population has hope for this,” he explained.

Accordingly, in order to realize what was planned, additional mobilization is needed.

But still, one must take into account that these hopes were much stronger at the beginning of the war, he noted.

The sociologist said that the defeat of the military army, the first wave of mobilization hit hard on the trust of Russians in power and reduced the number of people ready to trust. Unfortunately, their numbers do not reach such a level as to stop Putin and oppose the war.

“I think that due to further Russian defeats in the war with Ukraine, subsequent waves of mobilization such a change in public sentiment will become a reality,” he stressed.

According to him, it's only a matter of time.

Situation in Russia: latest news

  • There has been another powerful explosion in Russia. This time, the explosion occurred at the metallurgical plant of the Moliren company.
  • Vladimir Putin's decree on declaring partial mobilization in Russia continues to operate. As Kremlin dictator spokesman Dmitry Peskov explained, this is because the decree “has other functions besides conscription.”
  • The Kremlin continues its air defense hysteria. The Pantsir-S1 air defense system appeared already in the Novgorod region near Putin's residence in the village of Yascherovo, Valdai district.

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