While soldiers rot in the trenches: the leadership of the Russian Ministry of Defense is buying luxury housing for millions of rubles


While soldiers rot in the trenches: the leadership of the Russian Ministry of Defense is buying luxury housing for millions of rubles

The military leadership of Russia during a full-scale war does not deny itself the purchase of luxury housing. The cost of real estate is estimated at tens or even hundreds of millions of rubles.

Such results were shown by the investigation of journalists. Shoigu's deputies profit from the war, while the invaders are sent to certain death, and their families are given dumplings, firewood, fur coats, and so on.

Apartments worth millions of rubles: how employees of the Russian Ministry of Defense are building

Such a Nikolai Pankov has been working as Deputy Minister of Defense for 18 years – longer than Shoigu heads this department. For his daughter Maria, he wrote down a four-room apartment in the Presidential Administration House LCD worth about 70 million rubles, which is in the same house where Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin once lived. Interestingly, the data about this apartment have been removed from the register, they remain only in archival records that journalists have at their disposal.

Nikolai Pankov / Photo by Russian media

In 2022, Shoigu appointed himself a new deputy – Viktor Goremykin , who has been working in the Russian Ministry of Defense for many years. During this time, he became the owner of a Lexus car and an apartment of 141 square meters for 50 million rubles.

Goremykin's son, whom his father assigned to work in the FSB, has an apartment with an area of almost 110 square meters and a cost of 50 million rubles.

Viktor Goremykin / Photo by Russian media

Pavel Popov has been one of Shoigu's most devoted deputies since he was head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. He and his wife own an apartment in the Moscow residential complex “Smolensky pledge” worth 70 million rubles, but her spouses received it for free from the Ministry of Defense.

In the same LCD, another deputy of Shoigu, Alexander Fomin , received an apartment. Real estate worth more than 140 million rubles was declared on behalf of his son.

Also, the head of the eighth directorate of the General Staff, Yuri Kuznetsov, received an apartment in the Smolensk pledge.

Residential complex “Smolensky pledge” / Photo by The Insider

In this elite residential complex, the commander of the Russian ground forces also received an apartment worth 70 million. Oleg Salyukov . In addition, his son receives an order from the Ministry of Defense as a contractor, which also gives the family a considerable income.

Alexander Salyukov / Photo by Russian media

Alexander Zheleznyuk , head of the military topographic department of the General Staff, Rear Admiral Oleg Krivorog , head of the electronic warfare troops Yury Lastochkin , head of the main communications department Vadim Shamarin and Sergey Chubarikin , suspected of atrocities in Bucha, also received apartments worth tens of millions of rubles near a house near the CSKA metro station in Moscow.

Rustam Muradov , commander of the “Vostok” group of invaders, also received an expensive apartment from the Defense Ministry and drives a BMW X7 car, the cost of which exceeds several of the general's official annual incomes.

Rustam Muradov and Putin / Photo by Russian media

Shoigu's adviser hit the jackpot

In 2012, Shoigu appointed Maria Kitaeva as his adviser. As of 2020, she was still in office, but she still works there is unknown. However, something else is known – the cost of its apartments exceeds a billion rubles, in particular, we are talking about:

  • an apartment in the residential complex “Hunting House” for 200 million rubles;
  • an apartment in the Residential Complex “House on Burdenko” for 26 million (registered for my mother);
  • an apartment in the LCD “House with Lions” for 200 million;
  • 2 apartments in the residential complex “3rd Samotechny Lane” for 100 million each, one of them is registered to the brother;
  • an apartment in the residential complex “Bunin” for 490 million, registered for a brother, and an apartment for 80 million is registered for his daughter;

Maria Kitaeva – tycoon adviser / Photo from social networks

The cost of apartments in total is more than 1.4 billion rubles. Kitaeva also carried out construction on the lands of the Ministry of Defense, sold at low prices. Her husband Yuri Sadovenko, Shoigu's deputy, probably also contributed to this.

The spouses also own cars.

Meanwhile, Russian soldiers are dying by the hundreds every day as the Russian Defense Ministry illicitly enriches itself, making occasional notions of support for the families of the soldiers and the dead.

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